London, UK, April 2009 - Foviance, the expert in digital and offline customer experiences, has been selected by Sky to provide impartial consultancy and best-practice guidance during the implementation of Omniture website analytics software. Omniture Site Catalyst will be used on to capture and analyse information about the checkout process, site performance and conversion rates so that Sky can improve the customer experience it offers.

Foviance will act as solution architects and project managers during the implementation, which is being carried out by Sky’s in-house analytics team. The goal is to ensure that the analytics software is aligned with Sky’s business objectives, and can be used to inform decision making and customer experience initiatives. Foviance will also provide ongoing support to ensure that Sky is able to unlock the full value from its software investment.

Sky chose Foviance for its analytical expertise after Foviance’s recent acquisition of analytics consultancy Applied Insights. Sky will also benefit from Foviance’s Omniture accreditation and Foviance’s deep understanding of Sky’s business, following many previous projects.

Alasdair Wright, Director Online and Interactive, Customer Group at Sky, explained: “The acquisition of Applied Insights by Foviance meant that they not only had the Omniture accredited consulting team we needed, but also the strategic data analytics capability to add real value over and above simple report creation. Foviance therefore is providing us with the correct tools to identify what we need to measure and also how we configure Omniture Site Catalyst to capture the customer data. The first phase is now complete and the solution design is an excellent piece of work. We are reaping the benefits from Foviance’s customer centric approach.”

Account Director, David Bomphrey, Foviance, said: “We have worked with Sky for more than eight years and always strived to provide experience management consultancy to ensure Sky is completely in tune with its core customer base. The use of analytics at the point of sale stage on is an essential foundation for any work to improve the buying experience and to increase conversion. Foviance has extensive experience of best practice using Omniture, which means we’re able to create a solution architecture that will ensure Sky has the data to meet its business objectives.”

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Published on: 10:54AM on 24th April 2009