Tealeaf today announces that LateRooms, the UK’s leading accommodation website (www.laterooms.com), has implemented Tealeaf® CX solutions to improve the online customer experience for all its website visitors. By capturing and recording user sessions, Tealeaf is enabling LateRooms to identify and assess the actual business impact of website issues and use this information to prioritise error resolution, streamline the user experience and increase revenue.

With hundreds of thousands of accommodation deals available on LateRooms.com, served by a highly developed search facility, LateRooms can use Tealeaf to locate and remove transaction barriers. Unlike other Web technologies, Tealeaf is easily deployed as its passive capture requires no changes to the website itself. This ensured Tealeaf could be installed in only three days, with previously unseen issues flagged and actioned from day one.

LateRooms was acquired by First Choice Holidays PLC now TUI Travel PLC , in December 2006. Andrew Pumphrey, Marketing and Content Director for LateRooms explains:

“Tealeaf provides us with a unique insight into what is happening on the LateRooms website, so that we can improve the site and deliver a better user experience for our customers No other packages can provide the same depth of information about how customers interact with LateRooms.com.”

“As websites get increasingly complex, it is difficult for businesses to know whether sites are serving customers effectively,” said John Lillie, UK Country Manager for Tealeaf. “Travel sites are aware of this more than most, with a high amount of customisation, dynamic content and third party data. Tealeaf identifies problems as they arise, allowing the user journey to be optimised so that partners and customers can navigate the site effortlessly. This is critical in increasing stakeholder loyalty and directly benefits the bottom line.”

Published on: 2:18PM on 24th April 2009