-Tele2, one of Europe’s leading alternative telecommunications companies, has selected Neolane’s customer communication and marketing automation software on which to run its European-wide transactional messaging processes and direct marketing campaigns-

Twickenham, United Kingdom & Copenhagen, Denmark – April 27th 2009 - Enterprise marketing software provider Neolane has today announced Tele2 AB as a new customer of its customer communication and marketing automation software. Tele2 has selected Neolane as the software for its European customer message centre and as the platform for its customer marketing campaigns. The software will generate and deliver hundreds of millions of automated communications a year in eight language options, targeting 24 million customers across 11 countries.

Firstly, as Tele2’s solution for its European message centre, the Neolane software will create one-to-one outbound transactional notifications such as pre-pay or contract-inclusive minutes being reached, a new statement becoming accessible online, change of address confirmations and password reminders. The Neolane software will be the message hub, triggered by Tele2 operational systems such as its web site, billing application and the company’s call centre solution.

Secondly, for Tele2’s customer marketing campaigns, a single customer view will be built within the Neolane software from a variety of existing data sources. Using this customer intelligence, the Neolane software will then manage all campaign management activities and create personalised-content marketing campaigns. Tele2 will be able to model the likely response rates to planned customer marketing campaigns, select those it prefers and set the conditions that trigger them; such as upon the occurrence of certain events and timings in customer relationships or linked to product and service choices. Many thousands of highly targeted campaigns will be set up and automated in this way, the content being totally personalised to the customer’s profile, product selections and other circumstances. Such levels of personalisation in marketing campaigns have been proven across more than one hundred Neolane implementations to boost relevancy, develop customer rapport and increase response rates and sales.

The cross-channel communications capability of the Neolane software will allow Tele2 to offer customers a multi-channel choice of email, mail, mobile, call-centre or fax for appropriate transactional as well as marketing messages, whilst being able to use channels interchangeably without loss of history or content consistency.

“We are pleased that major telcos are choosing Neolane to deliver meaningful and consistent dialogue, notifications and alerts across traditional and mobile channels with precision and ease – all from a single, centralised platform,” said Stephane Dehoche, president and chief executive officer, Neolane. “Neolane has been shown in over one hundred customer implementations to support high levels of end customer-service, satisfaction and loyalty as well as drive revenue.”


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Published on: 9:51AM on 27th April 2009