Powered by the Thomson Reuters OpenCalais service, ActiveStandards is the first commercial application to help companies monitor and manage the “aboutness” of their web content.

London, UK – 5 May 2009: British pioneer of website compliance monitoring, Magus Ltd (http://www.magus.co.uk/), has announced the launch of ActiveStandards™ Aboutness Reports, a powerful semantic reporting toolset that enables companies to cost-effectively monitor and manage the content of their websites.

For companies with many web pages, or multiple sites, keeping track of content is a key governance challenge. How do you know what’s out there on your sites? How do you know if it’s accurate, up-to-date, on-brand, on-topic, and optimised for the search engines? Until now there’s been no easy way to answer these questions.

Magus’ new ActiveStandards Aboutness reports, powered by the OpenCalais™ service, address these challenges, giving companies an unprecedented level of visibility of their website content, and dramatically cutting the time required for day-to-day site management activities.

ActiveStandards Aboutness Reports are a powerful new addition to the ActiveStandards website compliance management toolset. Companies like Unilever, Shell, ING and Business Link use Aboutness Reports on a daily basis to effectively manage their web content, and resolve common content management challenges.

“We see this as the start of a true revolution in content governance,” said Simon Lande, CEO, Magus Ltd. “Semantic Web technologies are revolutionising the way people find and use information online. Our alliance with the Thomson Reuters Calais initiative enables us to leverage this technology to bring about a step-change in the way that companies monitor and manage their online content.”

Before Semantic Web technologies, effective content tracking required a human-centric approach that was high-maintenance, error-prone, and locked companies into rigid information taxonomies. ActiveStandards Aboutness Reports give companies a topic-level map of their online assets that enable them to track key website “entities” - for example: people, products, technologies, events, companies and organisations - across the pages of their sites.

“We were delighted to work with Simon and the team at Magus as they pioneered their new Aboutness reports” said Thomas Tague, Calais Initiative lead, Thomson Reuters. “Magus is leading the website compliance industry in adopting semantic technologies, and we’re thrilled to see them release one of the first commercial applications powered by OpenCalais.”

Magus’ ActiveStandards Aboutness Reports use semantic technology to embrace the unstructured nature of web content in an extremely powerful, automated approach. Here’s how it works:

1. Each page of a customer’s web presence is run through the OpenCalais engine
2. OpenCalais instantly identifies and tags the entities, facts and events mentioned on that web page, creating rich semantic metadata for its content.
3. ActiveStandards then processes the metadata to create reports that enable companies to grasp the “aboutness” of each of their web pages and websites.

Magus has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) research grant, funded by the UK Government Technology Strategy Board, to support its Semantic Web R&D program. The award recognises the potential of Magus ActiveStandards to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of semantic technology, with the Aboutness reports representing just the beginning of an exciting technology roadmap.

About ActiveStandards
ActiveStandards is a website compliance solution for multi-site multi-editor web estates. It's a managed service that automatically scans every page, of every one of your sites, to expose quality issues, covering everything from usability rules, to brand guidelines, to SEO best practice.

More major enterprises use ActiveStandards™ than any other compliance solution to:

• Maximise website effectiveness and user experience.
• Reduce risk with improved website governance.
• Drive down the cost of achieving full compliance

If you’re managing lots of websites with lots of editors, ActiveStandards helps you deliver a consistent, high-quality web presence.

About Magus
Magus has been helping major global organisations improve the quality of their web estates for over ten years.

· Our ActiveStandards service helps large companies measure and manage the quality and compliance of their global web estates.
· Our consultancy services help companies establish best practice website standards, policies and processes.

We deliver high-value managed services to some of the world's most successful companies, including: Unilever, Shell, ING, Cobham, AkzoNobel, Alstom and Aegon.

We're known for our leadership in Website Compliance Monitoring, our user-friendly applications and our obsessive commitment to customer support.

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About the Thomson Reuters Calais Initiative
The Calais initiative supports the interoperability of content and advances Thomson Reuters mission to deliver intelligent information. It leverages the company’s investment in semantic technologies to offer free metadata generation services, robust developer tools and an open standard for the generation of semantic content. It also gives users an automatic connection to the Linked Data cloud and a global metadata transport layer that helps them tap next-generation search services, directories and social media applications. Please see http://www.opencalais.com/

Published on: 5:31PM on 5th May 2009