--- DoubleClick’s SiteAdvance customers will be migrated to Omniture’s SiteCatalyst; Integration offered with DoubleClick’s DARTmail and DART for Advertisers ---

London, December 7, 2004 – DoubleClick Inc. (NASDAQ: DCLK), the leading provider of solutions for advertising agencies, marketers and web publishers, and Omniture, the leading provider of the most sophisticated and comprehensive technology for online analytics, today announced that the two companies have formed a partnership in which DoubleClick’s web analytics customers will have the opportunity to migrate over to Omniture’s web analytics solution, SiteCatalyst. DoubleClick will discontinue its web analytics product—SiteAdvance—once all customers have migrated to Omniture’s SiteCatalyst solution. The partnership also entails a deep integration of Omniture’s solution with DoubleClick’s email and ad serving solutions, and effective immediately, DoubleClick will actively market and resell SiteCatalyst.

The integration of DoubleClick’s DARTmail™ and DART® for Advertisers and Omniture’s award-winning SiteCatalyst™ will allow for seamless data exchange between both sets of products for measuring the effectiveness of outbound campaigns, remarketing to highly valuable visitor segments and finding the incremental gains that maximise ROI.

DoubleClick services a large percentage of the global ad management and email services markets, including the Wall Street Journal Online, eBay, Crate and Barrel and Proctor and Gamble. Omniture is the web analytics market leader, delivering the solution of choice for many of the biggest and most active sites on the Internet, including eBay, Wal-Mart.com, AOL and hundreds of others.

Seamless Conversion for DoubleClick Customer Base
Customers currently using DoubleClick’s web analytics offering, SiteAdvance, will start migrating to Omniture’s SiteCatalyst in Q1 2005. DoubleClick will continue to support the SiteAdvance platform until the migration is complete to ensure total stability for customers and a smooth transition to SiteCatalyst. This move also accelerates planned upgrades in future versions of DoubleClick’s solution as SiteCatalyst already includes features such as ad-hoc query capabilities, advanced segmentation, site configuration and configurable path analysis.

“By partnering with Omniture, we are again proving our commitment to provide customers with industry-leading solutions,” said Kevin Ryan, CEO of DoubleClick. “After a review of potential partners we determined that Omniture brings more to the table in terms of comprehensive technology, ease of use and industry expertise than any other web analytics vendor.”

“This partnership allows each company to focus on its core strength, while delivering a combined solution to the market that simply cannot be matched in terms of breadth of function, deep integration and overall business value,” said Josh James, CEO and co-founder of Omniture. “This is a real inflection point in the history of online marketing, giving customers integrated and highly-effective business technology that will allow them to turbo-charge their online marketing strategies.”

About DoubleClick
DoubleClick is the leading provider of solutions for advertising agencies, marketers and web publishers to plan, execute and analyse their marketing programs. DoubleClick’s marketing solutions – online advertising, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, database marketing, and marketing resource management – help clients yield the highest returns on their marketing dollar. In addition, the company’s marketing analytics tools help clients measure performance within and across channels. DoubleClick Inc. has global headquarters in New York City and maintains 25 offices around the world. www.doubleclick.com.

About Omniture
Omniture, Inc., headquartered in Orem, Utah, is the pioneer of next-generation online analytics technology that delivers the essential intelligence needed by Web commerce leaders and innovators to drive the business decisions that increase ROI. Omniture is the largest, ASP based online analytics provider by revenue, and Omniture’s SiteCatalyst is the most mature and comprehensive technology on the market, offering industry leading scalability and flexibility combined with an intuitive user interface. Omniture is the only company in its market to offer a comprehensive view of activity on a company's website that includes historical (data warehouse) and real-time analysis and reporting. In addition, Omniture offers knowledgeable professional service teams, experienced in helping customers determine the questions they must ask to arrive at the answers they require. Proof of its world-class technology and outstanding team, Omniture has the highest level of retained and satisfied customers in the market, including eBay, AOL, Wal-Mart, Gannett, Microsoft, Oracle, Overstock.com, GM and Hewlett-Packard. www.omniture.com.


Omniture Press Contacts:
Sandra Richards, +1 801 722 0136, srichards@omniture.com; or
Marianna Vyridi, +1 415 905 4021, mvyridi@horngroup.com

DoubleClick Press Contact:
Emma Williamson, +44 (0)20 8392 4077, emma.williamson@axicom.com

Published on: 12:00AM on 7th December 2004