Fortune Cookie is the first digital agency in the world to purchase the new Tobii T60XL eye tracker from Acuity ETS.

Award-winning digital agency Fortune Cookie has taken the lead on all other web design and build agencies to become the very first interactive agency in the world to purchase the most sophisticated eye tracking software on the market. Part of its six figure capital investment in new technologies, the Tobii T60XL will help Fortune Cookie deepen its understanding of how users will interact with the next generation of web and mobile technologies.

Tobii T60XL, supplied by Tobii reseller Acuity ETS, is Tobii’s most advanced user testing technology to date. The unit comes complete with a 24” HD widescreen TFT monitor, built-in camera and speakers.

Fortune Cookie’s clients include UEFA, Prudential, National Rail Enquiries, Amnesty International, Miss Selfridge, Metro International and Europcar. The agency’s core focus is to increase clients’ return on investment by optimizing the user experience.

Fortune Cookie first incorporated usability through the use of traditional think-aloud-tests more than 12 years ago. Since the agency started using eye tracking technology in 2006, Fortune Cookie has developed a methodology to understand customer behaviour more effectively that has proved enormously popular with its extensive range of British and global clients.

Justin Cooke, managing director, Fortune Cookie, says “At Fortune Cookie we believe in meaningful metrics and ensuring there is real science behind our web design. We understand the importance of proving the rationale behind what people see and how they engage and transact online.

Cooke continues: “The Tobii T60XL enables us to have a deep and direct understanding of users’ attention and cognitive thought processes. It is ideal for testing high resolution stimuli such as the rich, engaging applications and experiences that Fortune Cookie is now developing for our world-class clients such as Metro International and The results speak for themselves – increased conversion rates, decreased abandonment of transactional processes and huge reductions in bounce rates on home and key landing pages.”

Jon Ward, Sales Director, Acuity ETS, says “The T60XL is a massive technological leap for portable remote eye trackers. Fortune Cookie’s commitment to investing in the latest technology, combined with its detailed and innovative methodologies, will be great benefit to its customers.”

What is eye tracking?
Eye tracking software captures the movements the eyes make when a person looks at a webpage on a computer screen. The software measures where the person looks and for how long they gaze at different parts of the screen. The results of eye tracking tests can be vitally important in helping web developers to decide the best place to put certain images and text, such as crucial ‘calls to action’ such as ‘contact us’ or ‘buy now’.

For a brief video demonstration of eye tracking visit

Fortune Cookie premiered the Tobii T60XL at Internet World in Earls Court in April 2009 where it gained a very positive response from delegates. If you would like to discover what eye tracking can do for your business, contact Catherine Ward-Brown, Director of New Business at Fortune Cookie at or call 0870 736 1000 to make an appointment to visit the Fortune Cookie offices in Clerkenwell, London.

For more information about Fortune Cookie please visit or contact Julie Howell at or 0207-8436790.


About Fortune Cookie
Founded in 1997, Fortune Cookie is one of the UK’s most well-respected digital design agencies, famous for delivering beautiful, findable, accessible websites that deliver stunning return on investment. Clients include Legal & General, Prudential, TUI, National Rail Enquiries, Miss Selfridge, FT Business, Metro International and Diabetes UK. Over the past two years, websites designed by Fortune Cookie have been short-listed for major design awards a total of 40 times.
Further information about Fortune Cookie is available at or contact Julie Howell, director of PR, at Julie.Howell@fortunecookie.

About Acuity ETS
Acuity ETS Limited was founded in 2008 and has rapidly grown to be the number one global reseller for Tobii eye tacking equipment – serving the UK and Ireland. By single-mindedly focusing on eye tracking solutions for commercial and academic customers Acuity has quickly gained a reputation for innovative solutions to problems. Acuity believes that there is an eye tracking solution for everyone and everything! Further information about Acuity is available at or contact Jon Ward, Sales Director, at

Published on: 2:00PM on 15th May 2009