Date: 14th May 2009

<a href="; >Wallace Sacks</a>, the luxury home furnishings retailer, is making a concerted effort to encourage a direct dialogue with its customers online by embracing the social web. They want to ensure anyone who wishes to engage with their brand has a great and memorable experience. This is at every stage of the engagement journey and includes all interaction before, during and after the sale of any goods. They have selected <a href="">Somatica Digital</a> as their partner to help them achieve this.

Stephen Sacks, CEO of Wallace Sacks said “ We’re extremely keen that anyone who chooses to interact with Wallace Sacks has a fantastic experience and feels part of something good. We want to be known as a brand that cares about its customers; is fun to work with and completely open and trustworthy. The Social web and social media is one element of helping us to achieve this. We believe Somatica Digital will enable us to create and implement a successful approach and allow us to be able to give our customers exactly what they want.”

The brand - consumer engagement strategy covers all digital channels and takes into consideration the offline marketing channels as well. It is a joined up approach, which is in sync and complimentary. The aim is to reflect the genuine Wallace Sacks brand personality, which is very human and personable, both online and offline.

Karl Havard, MD of Somatica Digital said, “I’m absolutely delighted that Wallace Sacks has selected Somatica as their partner for their online engagement strategy. We’re under no illusions that we need to deliver results for them and their customers, There’s a lot of fancy talk out there about social media at the moment, but very few real life examples of where it has worked. We’re confident we can deliver, and the people at Wallace Sacks have a really fresh and innovative attitude which can only enhance the chances of success.”

Wallace Sacks and Somatica Digital have agreed to work together under a performance basis. A set of performance indicators and objectives for pre and post sale have been agreed and this will enable both parties to ensure the desired results are being achieved.

Stephen Sacks said, “There is no proven business model for this type of approach as yet, and some performance metrics are softer than others. There is a risk, but working together in this way allows us to share that risk and it also provides a very clear focus on our business goals.”

Karl Havard agreed “We’re very happy to operate in this manner, in fact we suggested it. I think it shows real confidence in our knowledge and ability. I am acutely aware that if we don’t perform we’re out on our ear. This pressure, some of it self induced, will keep everyone on their toes and I’m confident genuine success will be achieved and sustained.”
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<b>About Wallace Sacks</b>
Wallace Sacks was founded in 1978 and are a family owned company. They specilise in bed linen, towels, furniture, vases, lighting, tableware, and glassware. Wallace Sacks has been supplying furniture and home accessories since 2000. Their ranges can be found in Heal’s, House of Fraser and other top stores, and have been featured in Hello Magazine, Elle Decoration, Living, The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph. Wallace Sacks is a member of the British Leather Confederation, with whom they work closely to develop leather technology and to ensure quality. All Wallace Sacks branded products undergo intense UK processing and local hand-finishing as befits the luxury nature of the ranges.

<b>About Somatica Digital</b>
Somatica Digital is a brand engagement consultancy focused upon the online environment and social web. They help UK retailers to create and implement successful interactive engagement approaches at all levels of the consumer - brand journey. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience across all marketing channels, specifically, social media, user experience, analysis of onsite and offsite user behaviour and other digital attraction techniques.

Published on: 10:30AM on 18th May 2009