Digital direct marketing agency Cheeze has launched a service that saves paid-for search listings advertisers thousands of pounds by pausing bids when their web sites have technical problems.

Web sites inevitably go down from time to time, but clients seldom know about it. If they do know about it they rarely think to pause bids on their pay-per-click advertising listings on search services such as Google and Overture.

This may not seem like a big issue, but if an advertiser is buying 10,000 clicks a day at an average bid of £1.00, they could be wasting £417 for every hour that their site isn’t working.

Cheeze has developed Bid999, a product that checks web sites every 25 minutes and notifies the client team at Cheeze if a site has a problem. This saves clients money by reducing wasted clicks through to empty web pages and improves return on investment from digital response marketing.

When Bid999 identifies a client web site that is down, the service immediately notifies a Cheeze account manager by email and SMS, who then drops the bids or pauses the campaign within two working hours using Cheeze’s in-house Bidimiser online campaign management product.

Bidimiser has already saved Cheeze’s clients from over-bidding more than £650,000 on paid-for search listings during 2004.

"Cheeze's newest solution is another tool that helps us get the most from our search marketing," said Toby Roberts, e-Commence Manager FROM Budget Rent a Car. "We are entirely sales-driven, so one hour of downtime could cost us thousands of pounds in lost revenue. It also makes no sense sending customers to a website that is temporarily down. The online car rental market is fiercely competitive and we want to be there when a customer clicks through, otherwise buyers could do another search to find a similar service in a matter of seconds - giving them no reason to consider returning if our site is down."

Bid999 is exclusive to Cheeze and is being offered to the agency’s clients at no additional cost. It includes spend on Google, Overture, Espotting and Mirago.

Jamie Riddell, joint managing director of Cheeze, said: “We believe that advertisers in the UK will buy over 1 billion clicks from the paid for search marketing listings this year, and that the market will be worth around £250 million. Even, if only one in 10,000 paid for clicks go through to a site experiencing downtime, advertisers could be turning away 100,000 online shoppers every year. With Bid999 we have the solution to keep this wastage to an absolute minimum.”

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Notes to editors:

• Cheeze is one of the leading European digital direct marketing agencies.
• Cheeze is the ninth-largest purchaser of digital media in the UK, creating, planning, buying and managing campaigns in the UK, Europe and North America.
• Having built its reputation on maximising direct profits for clients' web sites, Cheeze generates an average direct return of £20 for every £1 spent.
• Cheeze has put in place a number of tools and processes to ensure costs are minimised and the efficiency of the tools are optimised from the start of a campaign and can be closely tracked throughout.
• Cheeze also specialises in paid-for search engine marketing via its in-house bid management solution, enabling optimisation of the performance of millions of written individual keyword terms every day, and every hour.
• The creative work at Cheeze drives a return on investment and know-how that ensures every campaign makes online advertising more responsive.
• Cheeze’s Bidimiser service has saved companies in excess of £650,000 per year. It helps avoid unnecessary overbidding by checking rival bids while keeping the preferred rank within the bounds of the maximum desired spend.
• Cheeze is a member of the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Published on: 12:00AM on 8th December 2004