KMP Digitata has just launched a new website for – a new provider of cheap Manchester Airport Parking.

The aim of the new website is to offer passengers an alternative car parking option at a low cost, in a great location less than a mile away from the airport. JetParks provides cheap parking, saving passengers time and money and delivers a service including free transfers to the airport by the official Manchester Airport transfer team.

The website has a bright and fun look, and offers a simple booking process on the home page. The website also provides passengers with the all of the latest airport information and news, and has a dedicated booking hotline for those who would prefer to book by phone.

Manchester Airport is delighted with the new website. Sara Joyce, Group Head of Web & Database, said: "KMP delivered a fantastic looking website which is easy to use and was delivered on time, despite such a tight deadline. KMP was able to do this due to its years of experience working with us developing our car park booking systems." The application takes the customer through the process of making a booking. It then presents the customer which a range of products based on the dates they entered. Once they have selected the product they then enter their vehicle and personal details and pay by credit or debit card. KMP's car park booking system also gives Manchester Airport car park staff the ability to apply rules and quotas to the car parking products presented to the customer which gives them total control over both the pricing and availability of all products.

The user experience is as important to KMP as the website's technical prowess. KMPs team of Information Architects and Web Designers worked to produce an intuitive and accessible website which is designed to make the process of booking a car park space as straight-forward as possible.

There was a tight schedule for the production of this website, and KMP are delighted to have completed the project in just 3 weeks - half the time it would normally take to produce such a website. Rhodri Edwards, Client Services Director at KMP, said "It was a real team effort to get the site delivered on time and involved quite a few late nights and working through the weekend. The next task is to deliver traffic to the new site and KMP will be helping Manchester Airport with a search engine optimisation campaign over the next 6 months to help with this."

PR Contact
Zoe Colclough

0161 429 1482

Published on: 2:11PM on 26th May 2009