Computer retailer Misco has introduced online video demonstrations with the aim of improving customers' buying decision process. Misco is one of the UK’s largest computer and accessories retailers with over 20,000 products in stock at any one time.

The product videos showcase demonstrations of the product in use, with voiceover and aim to answer potential buyers' questions about a product. The videos include rotating product shots along with details of contents and accessories. The video showcase was initially launched on Misco with the Acer Aspire AS2930 -582G25Mn Notebook PC which has become Misco’s number one viewed product for January 2009.

Their affiliate network LinkShare was able to utilise this technology and embed their tracking in order to make it available for publishers to simply copy and paste a small bit of code straight onto their site.

Visit to see an example of the online video demonstrations.

Adrian Sweeney of is a fan of the new online video demonstrations, see them in action on his site here. “I was impressed at the ease in which the video was available to me. The fact that it contains my tracking means that I can generate additional commissions for anyone clicking through to this product” says Sweeney.

LinkShare’s recent Online Consumer Trend survey that showed that the internet has become an increasingly trusted tool for shopping research, with 92% of respondents saying that they now have more confidence in online information than sales people in shops. Therefore these informational videos are a powerful sales tool for affiliates and fit perfectly with content and review sites.

"According to research [from Comscore], the number of online shoppers who watch retail videos grew 40% in a year," says Katy Pailing, Misco's European Web Marketing Manager. "We believe this will add value to the shoppers experience and further enhance Misco's offering."

In addition to the new online video demonstrations, Misco is a merchant who makes the most of any available technologies and has some other excellent tools available to affiliates.

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Published on: 6:35PM on 27th May 2009