London, UK, May 2009 – Foviance, the expert in customer experience, reveals how subconscious behaviour can be better understood through research into emotional engagement.

The research, conducted initially in the gaming sector with PKR, reveals 5 measures of emotional engagement that reveal a great deal about customer experience at a subconscious level. A great deal of consumer behaviour has been conclusively demonstrated by psychologists as irrational and that emotion invariably trumps logical thinking. Until now there has been limited research in to emotional engagement online.

“It is no longer sufficient to create websites which are just easy to use, or have value for money products associated with them. Websites need to appeal to the subconscious; to engage with consumers at an emotional level” says Catriona Campbell, founder of Foviance with a background in behavioural psychology.

Revealing how people respond to specific aspects of an experience has been hard to measure, but by combining electroencephalography (EEG) with other research methodologies it is possible to accurately gauge emotional engagement.
Foviance’s approach, EEM™ (emotional engagement measurement™) has been shown to offer significant new insights and enable brands to better meet the needs of the market.

“At Foviance we have proven with a number of brands that this holds true for websites. Using our neuro-technology to have a deeper understanding of the emotional facet of the customer experience, we have found we can deliver insight that other methods previously haven’t” says Campbell.

The film and advertising industries have widely used approaches combining EEG and qualitative research methods to help explore the depths of the subconscious, helping to create successful merchandising, packaging and creative conceptual ideas that people want.

Microsoft’s Halo 3, because of its player engagement, was the first person shooter
game to become the fastest selling entertainment product of all time. Microsoft's Dennis Wixon comments, "Building Halo 3 with emotional engagement methodologies was essential to the product".

When focused on a sector like the gaming industry, EEM™ has enabled Foviance delve further into customers’ perceptions and responses. “It has helped us understand in more detail the satisfaction and impact something like a ‘hard luck’ or ‘congratulatory’ message may have. The implications for businesses in all sectors are extensive” says Marty Carroll, Consultancy Director at Foviance, and author of the white paper “Unlocking the subconscious: Understanding emotional engagement” available for download from the website.

About Foviance
Foviance is a leading customer experience consultancy that works globally with some of the world’s best known brands to deliver measurable improvements in performance. .

Founded in 2000 and with a heritage in website usability and data analytics, Foviance delivers consultancy to its clients about the effectiveness of their individual channels, such as mobile, web and call centre and how they combine in a cross-channel environment. For many clients, insight is provided not only in their home market, but also internationally through Foviance extensive alliance network.

Foviance engages with its customers wherever they are in their product lifecycle, and provides insight so they understand how to improve, create and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Foviance boasts 43 of the UK FTSE 100 companies among its client roster, including Barclays, BSkyB, and Sainsbury’s. In addition Foviance works with International brands such as AstraZeneca, Dell and Nokia. For further information please visit:

Published on: 8:10AM on 28th May 2009