Right Media (www.rightmedia.com), a Yahoo! company and creator of the Right Media Exchange, this week announces that recently launched Global Digital Markets will be using the Exchange at the core of its direct response trading business.

Global Digital Markets (www.globaldigitalmarkets.com) offers an impartial and transparent trading solution to advertisers and agencies and will use the Exchange to help them drive more effective performance based online advertising campaigns.

John Were, Operations Director at Global Digital Markets, comments: “We provide our clients with a viable and attractive alternative to other third party options, offering, as we do, all targeting and behavioural marketing possibilities. We joined the Right Media Exchange because of its breadth and depth and the fact it offers us instant scalability and roll out potential for our clients’ campaigns.”

“A key difficulty surrounding online campaigns has always been one of reach. While it has been possible to find pockets of online media that perform it has often been difficult to scale – the online advertising exchanges help overcome this.”

“The Exchange also enables us to source new international partners and inventory easily, helping overcome many of the barriers often associated with researching, identifying and buying overseas advertising space.”

Global Digital Markets represents one of a growing number of emerging businesses that are making the Right Media Exchange and technology central to their operations.

Denise Colella, VP International at Right Media, said: “Today’s media buying environment, driven by technology, is rapidly changing. Platforms are becoming increasingly important to delivering measurable and accountable performance campaigns. The wealth of companies moving on to the Exchange and offering it as a core part of their business is testament to this.”


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About Right Media

Right Media created digital advertising’s first open exchange platform in the spring of 2005 to bring more fairness, standardisation and value to the industry.
Today, over 240 Exchange members, and the 80,000+ buyers and sellers they bring with them, are helping drive over eight billion transactions a day on the Exchange.

The Right Media Exchange provides the means to manage an ad business holistically—from full ad serving and auto-optimisation, to business development and expansion.

Right Media is a Yahoo! company based in New York, with offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Hamburg, Eugene, San Francisco and Tallahassee.

Published on: 4:00PM on 3rd June 2009