10CMS, creators of the marketing leading platform for creating and deploying User eXperience Applications (UXAs) and Venda, the global market leader for on-Demand eCommerce solutions successful re-launch of the Heal’s eCommerce site, www.heals.co.uk. The partners have worked closely with Heal’s to develop a site that engages with consumers and introduces them to product they wouldn’t have previously browsed.

Now delivering a more extensive range of furniture and home accessories than before, Heal’s have created an eCommerce site that enables them to display their extensive range while maintaining a brand that differentiates them from other high street names. “By embracing some new customer experience tools we have been able to maintain our distinguished look and feel while displaying website in a simple but compelling way to our visitors,” commented Mike Traill, Head of eCommerce at Heal’s. “We’ve worked closely with our two key partners, Venda and 10CMS, to re-launch the site, creating a dynamic environment which has already born further increases in revenue.”

The Venda creative team brought a sophisticated new look and feel to the Heal’s site with new customer experience enhancements that are now standard through the unique Venda platform. This re-skinning of the site also included two 10CMS UXAs, ActiveImage and SlideShow. “The 10CMS ActiveImage UXA has transformed our lifestyle images into active selling tools by enabling our content editors to add hot spots and promotional content to the images, allowing customers to click through into the product catalogue and purchase the item,” added Traill. “And configuring ActiveImage content couldn’t be simpler – we have been able to activate many of our lifestyle images in a matter of days with an immediate ROI.”

Static promotional content can also be enhanced with the addition of a Live XML feed from the Venda platform, enabling catalogue driven data such as product descriptions, pricing and availability to be automatically updated, further reducing maintenance costs. And because more product content is making its way to the key landing pages, SEO is improved too.

“This project is a great example of how powerful the Venda platform and 10CMS UXAs are when integrated,” commented Andy Houstoun, Global Head of Marketing at Venda. “Any visitor to the Heal’s site can easily see what an enjoyable and seamless experience it provides and we were able to create this in record time.”

“Heal’s is an extremely brand conscious business and when you have such a complex catalogue paralleled with a reputation for quality it is critical that the purchasing process is facilitated in a sophisticated yet simple way” added Fergal O’Mullane, CEO at 10CMS. “Heal’s have done just that – capturing and converting customers in a more engaging way.”

Published on: 4:19PM on 9th June 2009