Optimizing blog posts for Google has just become a lot easier. SEO Blogger http://labs.wordtracker.com/seo-blogger/ is a free Firefox plug-in from Wordtracker which helps bloggers grow their audience by easily producing search engine friendly posts.

For a blog to be successful it must get to the top of the search engines. To be easily found by search engines like Google, bloggers need to use keywords in the copy that the people they are trying to attract are actually searching for.

SEO Blogger sits alongside whichever blog publishing software they're using and allows them to do keyword research as they write.

Writers can find the most popular keywords for a topic without leaving the publishing screen. The tool also gives a count of how many times a chosen keyword has been used in the blog text.

Such is the rise in blogging, with an estimated 1% earning over $200,000 per year, the WSJ** are declaring blogging to be the newest profession in America. According to comScore blogs attracted 77.7m unique visitors in the US in August 2008, and the number of bloggers in the US is predicted to reach over 35m by 2012, equating to around 16% of the total online population.

“Blogging is becoming big business – whether as part of a social media brand campaign, selling products or earning a living from writing a blog as a trend or opinion former or a brand advocate” said Andy Mindel, CEO, Wordtracker.

“The Blogosphere is growing in size and influence, and bloggers, whether trend and opinion formers or brand advocates, need to react quickly and accurately to create copy that will attract their target market, improve their position on search engines and increase traffic.” Said Ken McGaffin, CMO, Wordtracker.



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Editors Notes:

US Blogging Facts:
Blogs attracted 77.7m unique visitors in the US in August 2008, according to comScore. [Source: comScore Media Matrix, Sept 2008]

The number of bloggers in the US is predicted to reach over 35m by 2012, which would equate to around 16% of the total online population. [Source: eMarketer, May 2008]

* Universal McCann (March 2008)
184 million worldwide have started a blog | 26.4 US
346 million worldwide read blogs | 60.3 US
77% of active internet users read blogs

Of the estimated 20 million bloggers in the US, 452,000 of them use blogging as their primary income source.


UK Blogging Facts:
14.5m UK unique visitors looked at at least one blog in August 2008
[Source: comScore Oct 2008]

Blogs and personal websites accounted for 1.19% of all UK traffic in the first week of June 2008, equivalent to one in every 84 internet visits. [Source: Hitwise, June 2008]

Over the last three years UK internet traffic to Blogs and Personal Websites categories has increased by 208%, compared to 70% for News and Media. [Source: Hitwise, June 2008]

About Wordtracker:
Wordtracker (http://www.wordtracker.com ) is a privately owned London business that started in 1997 and provides keyword research services to search engine marketing professionals and website owners worldwide

To succeed online clients need to know what keywords users are searching for and then type into a search box. Wordtracker provides thousands of clients throughout the world with that specialist information.

The Wordtracker Academy was launched in May 2006 (http://www.wordtracker.com/academy ), which is dedicated to helping websites achieve success and profitability online. The Wordtracker Academy publishes expert articles, case studies and tips and tricks that help people maximize their ROI from keyword research.

Clients include Monster.com, MarketPosition.com, iExposure.com, Hearst Publications, AsktheBuilder.com, ParkSeeds.com, BrowserMedia.co.uk and a host of other search engine optimization companies.

Published on: 3:27PM on 24th June 2009