Kuoni has selected Tealeaf, the leader in online Customer Experience Management (CEM) software, to support its future global website roll-outs, which are part of an increased online-focused business strategy. The Switzerland-based tour operator will use Tealeaf® CX solutions, to further understand customer needs and preferences in order to improve usability, site content, information architecture and transaction simplicity.

With over 100 years experience, Kuoni has built its reputation on providing personally tailored holidays and travel packages supported by unparalleled customer service. Recognising that focusing on the customer is a key differentiator in a highly competitive market, Kuoni will use Tealeaf to further ensure it is delivering a consistent first-class experience across all customer touch points.

The next generation of Kuoni websites aims to unify and continuously improve the quality of the online experience while customising content for individual localities. Using the wealth of insight provided by Tealeaf, Kuoni will be able to identify more exactly where online customer experience can be improved on the new platform and apply these insights across all online properties.

“Tealeaf is a highly innovative solution that helps us shape and improve our online worlds by increasing relevance and ease of use for our customers. Tealeaf enables us to translate user needs into actionable programs faster and better than in the past,” said Benno Iten,Head of Sales for Kuoni Switzerland, who is also heading the group wide E-Business. “This is a significant year for Kuoni’s ebusiness. We are shifting to a new model that allows us to improve user experience and efficiency. Tealeaf will help us to unify and continuously improve our online experience across the Group and improve conversion.”

Martin Hucker, European Country Manager at Tealeaf, commented: “Kuoni is one of the first companies in mainland Europe to take advantage of the visibility Tealeaf provides into customers’ online experiences, giving Kuoni a competitive advantage. Tealeaf will also support Kuoni in further optimising its ebusiness strategy to preserve and uphold its well-established brand in an increasingly digital world. This will ensure that Kuoni’s reputation for providing high standards of customer service and interaction continues online as well as off.” The Kuoni Group has started Tealeaf implementation for the UK and Switzerland with more countries to follow. The first next generation website went live in Switzerland in June 2009.

Tealeaf was founded in 1999 and since then has been developing its customer experience suite of products. Tealeaf CX is the fulcrum of the entire suite; it captures and records what each and every website visitor does and sees on a site. On top of this sits a range of customer behaviour analysis and customer service optimisation modules, aimed at gearing any ebusiness with everything its needs to improve customer experiences. The company, with its head office in San Francisco, has over 300 customers worldwide with 45 in the UK since it launched into the market in 2006. Kuoni is the first tour operator outside the USA and UK to deploy Tealeaf’s customer experience software.

Published on: 10:10AM on 30th June 2009