Sixty per cent of marketers are not making the most of email campaigns because they are still using ‘spray and pray’ tactics.

Emailvision is warning that this approach can do more harm than good as there is a high risk of irritating recipients and damaging the reputation of the company in the process.
Europe’s largest on-demand email marketing provider is advocating the importance of proper database segmentation and campaign targeting to dramatically improve return on investment.
Marketers are coming under increasing pressure to grow their databases and get their message out to as many people as possible. The most important factor however should be that emails sent out are timely, relevant and above all - wanted.
To help marketers increase the chance of emails being delivered and opened by the right audience, Emailvision has put together its five top segmentation tips:

1.Start with the basics – make sure you have a ‘clean’ target list and everyone on there has asked to receive email communication. There is no point sending unwanted mails, it’s a waste of time and money.

2.Take your time – many companies are in such a rush to gather data and build lists that they end up with sections missing, making it impossible to effectively target customers. Every section, such as gender specification should be accurate.

3.Don’t over-complicate: start with the broader categories first, such as splitting targets by male/female. It makes a real difference and will immediately increase the open rate.

4.Ask the right questions: when a customer registers or opts in to receive emails, make sure information such as age or location is gathered, this will help to target them with specific offers or information.

5.Once you’ve got it, maintain it – update databases when individuals choose to unsubscribe, this will maintain a clean list and avoid unnecessary mails.

“In the current climate, companies can not afford to let potential sales drop because of a ineffective email marketing strategy which serves little purpose,” said Nick Gold, UK MD at Emailvision.

“The fact that so many marketers are still using a blanket approach to target customers is beyond belief, they are effectively shutting their eyes and hoping for a good result. Segmentation doesn’t have to be complicated, even differentiating by gender can have a huge impact. The process can be completely automated and is as easy as clicking the right button - as long as the database is strong. Such tactics will lead to demonstrable return on investment and ultimately have a positive influence on the bottom line.”

Published on: 4:09PM on 2nd July 2009