Integrated agency Mason Zimbler, specialist in 'disruptive technology marketing', has created the senior position of Client Services Director in order to embrace changing client demands during the current economic turmoil. Susie McFarland, previously an account director with the agency, has been promoted to the new role.

James Trezona MD of Mason Zimbler says, "We are acknowledged leaders in the use of disruptive strategies in the marketing of technology products. In order to be able to hold this position we need to understand how clients' expectations of agencies like ours are realigned due to the recession. Right now, agencies need to be listening to the changing needs of their clients, marrying fundamentals to creativity, and adding value across a range of services. Do it and thrive. Fail, and at best you'll only survive."

Trezona continues, "I believe it's no longer good enough to deliver
great creative that provides outstanding ROI. An agency also has to deliver great relationships. Susie will be tasked with leading the understanding of how we can help our clients turn turmoil to their advantage. This is not a time for battening down the hatches, cutting back to a skeleton staff and woefully under-servicing clients. Sadly, this has become the new business model for so many agencies and we don't believe that is the way a real partnership works. Susie will make sure we provide more support than ever, and keep at the forefront of service innovation to help our clients beat the recession."

Mason Zimbler's clients include Microsoft, Toshiba, Adobe, 3M, AOL, and Canon.

Published on: 9:11AM on 6th July 2009