Integration with behavioral data enables highly targeted campaigns NEDSTAT AND ECIRCLE ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP

Amsterdam, 7 July 2009 - eCircle, a leading digital marketing supplier across Europe, has become an official partner of Nedstat's technology platform RING. Through seamless integration of their products, online marketers can significantly improve campaign conversion by creating highly targeted messages based on behavioral data.

Joint customers of eCircle and Nedstat will get accurate, real-time insights into how recipients of E-mail campaigns behave after they have clicked through and landed on the website. Valuable information such as number of E-mails sent, bounces, open rate and click-through rate can be monitored and analysed directly in Sitestat in combination with on-site behaviour and conversion. With the simple drag and drop feature, users can select visitor groups that did not convert and send these back to eCircle's eC-messenger for targeted re-mailings.

"The integration with Sitestat adds a true benefit to our e-mail sevices." says Jochen Hildebrandt, Director Sales & Partner Management at eCircle. "Clients can precisely monitor the behavior of e-mail recipients, once they arrived on their website. Particularly powerful is the possibility to select visitor groups who did not convert, so we can send them a targeted re-mail. This can be done in an exceptionally easy way."

Enrico Verhulst, VP Partnerships at Nedstat says: "Targeted campaigns based on behavioral insights have proven to significantly increase conversions. Our simple wizard allows users to select certain groups of prospects that clicked on the mail, landed on the site, but did not convert. Within seconds they can send the selected segment back directly to the email software for targeted re-mailings."

The partnership is facilitated through Sitestat's RING integration platform which provides a dedicated framework for any type of online marketing application. Using open standards like SOAP, HTTP and others to communicate with the integration partners, it enables data to be passed directly from independent marketing applications into Sitestat and vice versa.

In addition to the eCircle integration, Nedstat has developed partnerships with a number of online marketing software vendors across different categories such as E-mail marketing, Performance measurement, Video platforms, Onsite search & navigation, Content management systems, Bid management and other.

The integration is directly available to all joint customers of Sitestat and eCircle.

About eCircle

eCircle is one of Europe's largest digital direct marketing companies, owning the most comprehensive permission marketing database for email campaigns and lead generation as well as a state-of-art technology solution for digital direct marketing.

Since 1999 eCircle has stood for innovative and efficient online marketing for customer acquisition and retention. Leading organisations including Argos, HBOS and Samsung trust our consistent customer care, our long-term experience and not least our highly motivated and committed employees. The company has more than 200 employees, with headquarters in Munich and additional offices in London, Paris and Milan. For more information about eCircle, go to

About Nedstat

Nedstat is European leader in web analytics.

Nedstat makes web analytics straightforward and accessible for users of all levels and disciplines. Products are easy to use, reports are clear and fast to access, customization is easy and services and support are personal and high quality.

Nedstat employs 140 people in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The client list includes many renowned and internationally operating organizations like Electrabel, Ernst & Young, KarstadtQuelle, Renault, Panasonic and Wolters Kluwer. Also, numerous government and not-for-profit organizations have benefited from Nedstat's expertise in delivering reports on users' behaviour online.

Key accreditations by Europe's leading independent web-standards organizations, such as ABC electronic, OJD, KIA and Audiweb ensure that customers metrics are in full compliance with leading industry standards.

For more information about this press release, please contact: Nedstat B.V., Ulrike Ziegler, phone +31 (0) 20 519 54 01, e-mail For more information about Nedstat,

Published on: 11:40AM on 7th July 2009