A fifth (20%) of customers research more than six insurance provider websites when looking for their insurance policies and 65% go on to buy online, but only one fifth (22%) want to make a claim online, according to new research from Global Reviews, the customer experience benchmarking company.

Global Reviews surveyed more than 1,000 customers who had researched their insurance online in the past year, and the results show that those wanting cover are increasingly web-savvy, and prepared to spend time comparing providers. Three fifths (58%) shopped around to the extent that they looked at between three and six provider websites, while a fifth (20%) visited more than six.

The study also found that almost three quarters (72%) of web savvy insurance customers use the internet to generate a quote and 65% then go on to buy online. It is therefore very important that providers are competitive online, offering the best possible customer experience and reassure customers that they are the right choice for them.

However, while every person surveyed used the internet for some elements of getting insured, only 27% said they use the web to ask a specific question about the coverage and 46% said they would still use the call centre or branch for these questions. Only 22% of respondents want to make an insurance claim online with over three fifths (62%) of customers still picking up the phone to make a claim.

Global Reviews latest Insurance Benchmark independently benchmarked 15 of the leading insurance providers giving them scores of up to 100%. The study found that there was only a 3% difference between the scores of the six providers at the top of the benchmark. This means that the market leaders are offering customers a very similar experience online with scores of between 57% and 60%.

The remaining providers scored between 45% and 56%. This means that customers will see a noticeable difference when visiting some of these websites compared with the market leaders. However there is a lot they can easily do to improve their performance and a good place to start is by looking at the service offered by the providers at the top of the benchmark.

Bertie Stevenson, Director, Global Reviews, said, “The study found that insurance customers look at a lot of insurance websites before deciding which policy to choose. It is therefore very important that providers offer a similar level of customer experience, to ensure that customers choose the best policy, not just the best website. There is a lot that providers can do to improve their customer experience online and ensure they stand out.”


Insurance Providers Overall %
Halifax 60
Churchill 59
Tesco 57
Direct line 57
Lloyds TSB 57
More Than 57
Norwich Union 56
Liverpool Victoria 54
The AA 51
Zurich 51
Barclays 48
Nationwide 46
AVG 53

To create the benchmark, Global Reviews asked over 1,000 home and motor insurance customers what they want from an insurance website. It then looked at the leading websites across the world to create the insurance benchmark of best practice, with over 550 different criteria, against which the leading providers were assessed. Global Reviews benchmarks websites across over 40 industries and provides actionable recommendations to improve customer acquisition and boost retention. The assessments were carried out by Global Reviews in April 2009.

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Notes to Editors
Global Reviews measures and improves the customer experience of it clients with offices in Australia and the United Kingdom. Clients include O2, Three, Vodafone, Travelodge, Norwich Union, Direct Line, HSBC, Halifax, Lloyds TSB and Mercedes. The company benchmarks websites across over 40 industries and provides actionable recommendations to improve customer acquisition and boost retention. More information about Global Reviews is available at www.globalreviews.co.uk.

Published on: 12:40PM on 7th July 2009