- Car websites focus on servicing existing customers in 2009 -

Independent research from customer experience benchmarking company, Global Reviews, has revealed that Volvo.com has remained at the top of its ‘Comparing the Car Sites’ league table for the second consecutive year, but rival websites are catching up fast.

Global Reviews’ ‘Comparing the Car Sites’ benchmark objectively measures customers’ experience on eight leading car websites. The sites are assessed against more than 500 criteria including; the information available to prospective buyers, customer support, service offered to vehicle owners, and general site usability

The study found that although Volvo’s score remained the same as in 2008, at 63%, all other websites’ ratings have increased, with the average score increasing from 52% to 57%. To meet customer expectations, websites must achieve 55%. Last year only Volvo, VW and BMW made the grade, but this year, Jaguar, Porsche and Lexus were the only manufacturers to fail to do so.

The study also discovered that rather than focusing on improving the information available to prospective buyers on their websites, as in the past, car companies have this year been concerned with improving the service offered to existing customers.

The average score for the online service offered to prospective buyers was already high and rose from 62% to 63%. However, scores for the service offered to vehicle owners, and ‘content and tools’, the two areas that received the lowest scores last year, have improved significantly, from 30% to 38%, and 40% to 46% respectively.

Bertie Stevenson, Director, Global Reviews, said, “It is good to see car companies focusing on the areas of their websites that in the past have been neglected. It is important to look after the needs of existing customers and although there is still a long way to go until they meet customer expectations for these online services, they have significantly improved.”

The study also found that:
• VW (85%) and Audi (86%) offer the best site navigation with scores of 82%.
• VW offer the best experience for prospective buyers with a score of 70% for this category.
• BMW offers the best customer support online with a score of 72%.
• Volvo offer the best content and tools with a score of 66% and also received the highest score for support given to vehicle owners (48%).


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Notes to Editors
Global Reviews measures and improves the customer experience of it clients with offices in Australia and the United Kingdom. Clients include O2, Three, Vodafone, Travelodge, Norwich Union, Direct Line, HSBC, Halifax, Lloyds TSB and Mercedes. The company benchmarks websites across over 40 industries and provides actionable recommendations to improve customer acquisition and boost retention. More information about Global Reviews is available at www.globalreviews.co.uk.

Published on: 9:32AM on 10th July 2009