~ Version 7.2 of Campaign Commander™ further increases delivery quality and campaign effectiveness ~

Marketers will now be able to achieve greater delivery quality with their email marketing campaigns at no extra cost thanks to the new Emailvision software service.

Version 7.2 of the on-demand email marketing solution Campaign Commander™ will prevent users from wasting money on non-delivered messages by monitoring deliverability issues as standard. Identifying and fixing potential blockage problems prior to sending, the latest version now allows all users to ensure their messages reach every recipient’s inbox.

Offering an increased campaign delivery speed of over 1 million messages per hour per campaign, users can now preview emails as they will appear in various email providers to check the creative content works as intended. Campaign Commander™ also helps marketers manage their brand’s IP reputation by instantly identifying content issues. The software improves campaign efficiency by determining whether messages are being blocked by major Internet service providers (ISPs) due to poor creative and copy.

Recently it was the first email service provider to provide multi-variable testing in email (MVT), allowing marketers to test and optimise campaigns on the fly. With this new service, some marketers have seen revenues increase by up to 20 per cent.

“Marketers are under more pressure to deliver measurable results with limited resources, so getting campaigns right first time has become a pre-requisite,” said Nick Gold, UK managing director at Emailvision. “Ultimately prevention is better than cure. By using technology to support the hard work and effort that goes into planning and designing campaigns, email marketers can rest assured that their approach is as effective as possible before hitting send.”

Version 7.2 of Campaign Commander™ will be available from July 2009. For more information please visit: http://www.emailvision.co.uk

Published on: 8:59AM on 13th July 2009