London – 20th July 2009

Eyeconomy is a full service global online advertising specialist, providing comprehensive online placement solutions for advertisers, ad agencies and website publishers. Eyeconomy’s networks are defined by their reach, response rates, exclusivity and precision.

Eyeconomy has adopted Maxifier to further improve its online advertising campaign performance of its Brand Network. This includes top tier websites like daily,,, and

Eyeconomy has chosen Maxifier to optimise both on time delivery and Click Through Rate performance for all its campaigns. The solution helps the Eyeconomy team to predict how a particular campaign will perform in the future and make adjustments to enhance on time delivery, click through performance and revenue. Maxifier enables Eyeconomy to optimise not only individual campaigns but all the campaigns simultaneously - offering a better return for all advertisers.

Mark Butt, Joint Managing Director of Eyeconomy said:
“The implementation of Maxifier’s technology into Eyeconomy’s Brand Network will allow our advertisers to enjoy the benefits of targeted environments with improved performance and optimization to meet our clients’ goals.
Adding Maxifier takes our Brand network one step ahead of our competitors and yet again demonstrates Eyeconomy’s commitment to becoming a leader within this space.”

Frank Lee, Executive Chairman of Maxifier, said ”I am delighted that Eyeconomy has chosen Maxifier as a means for further enhancing the value they deliver to Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers. This implementation demonstrates our companies’ commitment to continuously improving performance on behalf of our customers.”

About Eyeconomy
Eyeconomy constitutes the online advertising division of parent company Media Corporation plc. Eyeconomy and NASH (Not Another Sales House) were both acquired by Media Corp and merged under one brand in March 2008. The brand is now known as ‘Eyeconomy’.
Eyeconomy is a fully accredited IASH member and is a comprehensive online advertising service, with three key areas: advertising solutions, advertising networks and site representation. Eyeconomy holds the unrivalled position of ultimately benefiting all players in the online advertising industry: media agencies, online advertisers and website publishers alike.
Eyeconomy has an extensive client roster which includes leading online publishers, advertisers and media agencies, such as AOL, Dell, American Express,, I-Level, Media Contacts, Vizeum and MC&C.
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Eyeconomy Products and Services Overview
• Online advertising solutions
o Subsites and Video Subsites - An effective type of exit traffic advertising, whereby the advert appears as an active full-page browser, but only after the original site has been closed or minimised. With no click-through required, the exposure is maximised without being intrusive.
o Sublines - Unobtrusive advert lines that float between the browser and web page, supporting a range of advert types, such as video, live XML data feed ticker, audio, download, and offer multiple click-through options.
o Contextual Advertising - Behavioural targeting to opt-in customers, delivering the advert to the right person in the right context - at the exact moment they express an interest in relevant products.

• Advertising networks
o Cost-effective access to a massive audience - The Eyeconomy advertising network gives advertisers the opportunity to cost effectively target a huge number of internet users, tailored to suit individual campaign requirements.
o Integral to agency planning: The Eyeconomy vision is to be an integral part of agency planning, providing their clients with the maximum amount of exposure at highly competitive rates.

• Site representation
o Experience – Eyeconomy has vast experience working with some of the UK’s leading online publishers. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with many key advertisers and media planning agencies, which is invaluable in the media industry.
o Integrated Solution - More than just another third party sales team, Eyeconomy integrates its solutions to fit in with your commercial needs, with its ability to identify strategic partnerships and introduce new advertising opportunities across your website.

About Maxifier

Maxifier is a leading optimisation tech¬nology for publishers and ad-networks. Maxifier increases on-line advertising revenues by significantly increasing ad-performance (click though rates, yield etc) and on-time delivery. It uses ad¬vanced proprietary technology to op¬timize every campaign simultaneously with sensitivity to the impact of each campaign’s optimization on every other campaign. Maxifier is a wholly owned division of Magenta Corporation, a UK based company, and world leaders in optimisation technology.
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Published on: 4:23PM on 20th July 2009