A new product enabling affiliates to deliver greater return on PPC ad-spend and improve efficiency in administering paid search campaigns.

Brighton 28.07.09: DC Storm, the Brighton based web analytics, tracking and pay per click (PPC) optimisation specialist today announced the launch of Storm for Affilates™, a new tool aimed at affiliates to help them track and optimise their PPC campaigns.

Storm for Affiliates enables affiliates to accurately link the commission generated through their programs on the major affiliate networks with the money spent on PPC clicks. Storm for Affiliates achieves this by using enhanced StormAnalytics™ tracking integrated with sales data imports from all of the major affiliate networks APIs and click and spend data from the PPC search engines API’s. This means that data is collected, matched and aggregated automatically including any changes that are made to the status of a sale by the affiliate network.

This implementation of DC Storm technology enables affiliates to track more accurately and with ease the ROI not just from keyword but also from the actual search term the user entered. The whole user search path is recorded, allowing affiliates to see beyond the last click and identify keywords that make a valuable contribution to the sales process.

Seth Richardson, CEO of DC Storm, said: “Affiliates are big PPC spenders however tracking commissions back to keywords and search terms that generated those sales has always been a challenge for affiliates. Storm for Affiliates takes the leg work out of tracking and reporting and presents the data within DC Storm’s market leading digital marketing platform StormIQ™. Affiliates are then able to utilise our robust reporting and dashboarding technologies as well as our PPC Optimisation technology StormOptimsier™ to help drive more revenue.”

“We have been in closed group testing for the past 6 months and the results have been phenomenal. Campaigns have shown an increase in ROI between 20% and 60% with efficiency savings amounting to hundreds of hours per month.”

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DC Storm is the leading Web Analytics, Tracking and PPC specialist. Its flagship StormIQ suite integrates tracking and reporting information across all media channels, and includes an advanced PPC campaign management tool. Customers can easily compare traffic generated from PPC, Natural Search, Email Campaigns, Banners, Referrers or Affiliates, to better target their marketing spend.

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Published on: 4:06PM on 28th July 2009