HP and speed-trap’s latest version of their e-business intelligence solution,
OV Prophet provides on-line companies a complete view of user experience, business performance, and availability.

Newbury, Berkshire, October 4th, 2004  speed-trap in partnership with HP, are demonstrating 'OV Prophet' at Forrester’s Financial Services Forum Europe being held over the next two days at the QE11 Conference Centre in London.

OV Prophet combines the power of HP's OpenView Internet Services (OVIS), and speed-trap’s client-side measurement technology, to provide 'e-business intelligence' solutions for many on-line sectors including the on-line financial services community.

OV Prophet enables marketing, operations and management teams of on-line enterprises to view, measure, and manage every facet of their online applications and infrastructure.

OV Prophet’s unique strength is its ability to record every aspect of every on-line visitor’s experience and actions in a secure and privacy-conscious way. Armed with this unique dataset, and using OV Prophet’s analysis and visualization tools, users gain a new insight enabling them to optimize their on-line presence and make bottom-line improvements to their business

Commenting on the objectives for the forum, Malcolm Duckett, VP marketing for speed-trap said: “The on-line dash towards web-based customer service while offering an immense opportunity for reduction in operational cost, and increase in customer reach, also throws down some severe problems for any on-line business. Directing your hard-won customers to a web site that undermines your brand or frustrates your visitors can be one of the worst decisions you might ever make. Any online business manager must be absolutely sure that they are delivering a solution and user experience that will support their brand & business objectives while realizing the operational cost reductions they are seeking. They can only do that if they have a clear view of just how well their customers are being served by their web applications – and that is the view that OV Prophet provides.”

Discussing the importance of user experience to on-line brands, Simon Burton, VP sales at speed-trap explained: “For anyone running an on-line operation customer experience is the yardstick upon which their brand will be judged, only OV Prophet’s unique capabilities provide the insight to ensure that the on-line experience delivered actually meets the demands of the brand.”

Because of OV Prophet’s innovative design, it can be deployed at a fraction of the cost involved in deploying traditional solutions and is compatible with the latest personalized, secure, and dynamic sites.

By capturing the interactions of the real users, OV Prophet can also provide Business Process & Activity Monitoring (BPM / BAM) via its BusinessAlerts™ feature. This can alert your staff if on-line users stop completing key processes. Whether the problem was caused by an infrastructure failure, a network overload, or even a tiny change to an online form design, OV Prophet will tell you about it before it starts impacting your profitability.

Moreover, as OV Prophet captures the complete in-context experience, its data can be used to provide integrated reporting by drawing on customer, product and even third-party information already included in the page without needing the backend integration demanded by previous generations of data-mining and CRM solutions.

HP and speed-trap will demonstrate OV Prophet live at the event, showing how, via interactive dashboards, financial strategists, marketers, e-business management teams and operations staff, can have a comprehensive view of each and every visitor to their website. This unique facility includes speed-trap's patented ClickMap™ and SessionReplay™ visualisations, and OVIS's market-leading infrastructure monitoring and alarm facilities.

About speed-trap
speed-trap invented client-side data collection. The company’s software technology provides accurate, real-time and complete data on the interactions between customers and their web sites to many of the UK and Europe’s leading on-line business.

speed-trap’s solutions find application in many areas, from on-line campaign monitoring and CRM solutions to usability and audit applications.

speed-trap was founded in late 1999; specifically to exploit its patented technology. speed-trap’s Prophet won both its class, and the overall Technology award at the British Computer Society Awards in 2003. speed-trap is based in the UK with headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire. See www.speed-trap.com and www.ovprophet.com for further information.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th October 2004