London, 10 July 2009: Click-throughs generated from Renault UK’s monthly email newsletter to customers have increased by 30% since the car company engaged the support of email service provider Database Group Interactive (DbGi) in January. And, following an initial trial, DbGi now manages all Renault UK’s e-newsletter data management.

Renault UK sends a monthly email newsletter to around 300,000 addresses. But with an acceptance rate of just 65% it asked DbGi to review its e-newsletter operation. DbGi monitored the broadcast for four months, making changes along the way including: improving the quality of the email addresses; re-positioning the opt-out link; reducing spam trigger words; making better use of the trusted sender system; improving the image to text ratio; removing hidden text; and resolving its URL grey listing.

The average number of monthly email newsletters opened in March to June was up 13% versus the <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>first two months of the year, and click-throughs were up an impressive 30%. This was in spite of an average reduction of 25% in the volume of emails broadcast, following the ongoing application of good emailing practices such as suppressing hard bounces and removing un-subscribes.

Further enhancements to the process included, for example, encouraging Renault to run subject line tests on their newsletters. For one campaign, comparing the best and worst performing subject lines gave an improvement of 14% on the number of opens and 7% on the number of clicks.

Julien Regis, CRM & Prospect Acquisition Manager for Renault, explains: “In our business there’s a proven relationship between email response and sales delivered so it is essential that our email communications are as effective as possible. During a trial period, Database Group Interactive demonstrated a level of insight into the factors that influence the success of our email broadcasts that we were not previously receiving. We are exceptionally pleased with the improvement in performance and look forward to continued success now that we have commissioned ongoing help from Database Group Interactive.”


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Notes for editors
Now delivering over 60 million emails each month, London-based Database Group Interactive (DbGi) was one of the first email service providers to be established in the UK and has been a leading email broadcaster for over ten years. Clients cover travel, retail and charity sectors, including L’Oreal, Dyson, RSPB, Fish4, Travelbag and Experian.
DbGi provides a full service digital offering, including: email transmission; integrated database solutions; and across the board campaign management services.

Published on: 2:00PM on 3rd August 2009