JetGroove (, an English company, is the first legal service for mp3 downloads which offers such a vast choice of cutting edge music made by independent record labels in one place. JetGroove’s collection consists of more then half a million tracks. All tracks on the website are in easy to use mp3 format, so there is no need to download any special software. Users can buy whole releases as well as separate tracks, and short preplays are available for every track.

JetGroove’s catalog, unlike most of on-line music providers is unique because of its content. The company’s ideology is simple: “You want pop music – go to our competitors; You need something different or remixes on your favorite pop hits – you can find it all here.”

New tracks are made available on the website as soon as they arrive to JetGroove’s collection, and the collection extends every day. JetGroove’s music library contains tracks and releases some of which were never released before.

Users can browse through the website and listen to preplays without registering. Registration is required only at the moment of purchase. There is no membership or subscription fee. Tracks’ prices start at as low as $0.99 and all relevant taxes are already included.

JetGroove is oriented on working with independent record labels and underground artists from all over the world. The most contracts JetGroove already signed with them are for worldwide distribution. Taking both of this facts into account, record labels get much more exposure with JetGroove, than anywhere else. Most of record labels provide music never before released and some of the tracks (mixes) could be more than 100 minutes long.

Today the Beta Version launches. It is fully operational, but not all of the content is available for purchase. It will be available by the end of the year when JetGroove expects to launch the next version, which will have several features added.

Published on: 12:00AM on 5th October 2004