Tuesday this week October 5th JetGroove the biggest on-line underground music provider has launched its website. On the website it offers alternative music downloads in mp3 format made by independent record labels and artists.

During first three days JetGroove received an enormous amount of attention from users, record labels, artists, authors and publishers. And this attention brought some contradictions to the light of music community. The music community was disappointed at some parts of the website and made some wrong assumptions. This should have been clarified, so JetGroove has taken an action to explain to the music community the way its website is organized and business is led.

JetGroove is the unique project that is created to give the worldwide exposure to independent record labels and artists, creating alternative music. The way the website organized is:
First part of the website - music, that is represented by record labels who already signed contracts with JetGroove. These tracks are available to be purchased and downloaded.
Second part of the website - information about music that is placed on the website for promotion of independent record labels and artists. These “tracks” could not be purchased or downloaded. However they could be put ON HOLD. As soon as this happens, record label or artist to whom this track belongs is contacted with the offer of doing business with JetGroove. This greatly increases the exposure for many of the record labels.

The line that JetGroove is going to continue to follow is: LEGAL SALES ONLY. The project was created to give independents a good chance of being known in the world, and earning money, not to make them suffer again as they do from p2p systems. And the least thing JetGroove planned to do is to violate rights of record labels, publishers, artists or authors.

JetGroove officially states that if any record label or any artist is not interested to have one’s tracks on www.jetgroove.com, one should inform JetGroove immediately and all the information JetGroove has about one’s tracks will be taken off the website ASAP.

Published on: 12:00AM on 9th October 2004