August 6th, 2009

Mining hidden gold

Webgains launches semantic categorisation tool:
iSense SiteSeeker

~ first automated affiliate content categorisation tool
uses award winning semantic technology ~

Webgains launches iSense SiteSeeker which automatically classifies the pages from affiliates’ websites into 2,500 categories to allow advertisers to identify the best partners.

This unique new tool removes the need for affiliates to self-categorise their sites, and allows Webgains to identify affiliates on the Webgains platform with traffic specific to any particular advertiser or sector. Up until now, affiliate networks have relied on affiliates to classify themselves, leading to a poor and incomplete understanding of the Network’s inventory. Webgains has always asked affiliates to classify themselves, but found that only a small percentage do so accurately.

Using the award-winning iSense semantic technology, iSense SiteSeeker ‘understands’ website content, leading to accurate and complete reporting of website category traffic. For merchants, iSense SiteSeeker opens up previously untapped marketing channels from unused and untargeted affiliate content sites.

For the affiliate, iSense SiteSeeker will allow better targeted communications from Advertisers. The increase of accurate data on affiliate traffic will lead to a faster approval process when an affiliate applies to join a particular program.

SiteSeeker harnesses the patented technology of linguistics professor David Crystal, and allows computers to understand what subject a web page is about in the same way as humans. Instead of just looking for keywords, the technology looks at all the words on a page and identifies the senses and meanings (the ‘semantics’) of the content, to deliver effective content categorisation.

Robert Glasgow, Managing Director at Webgains comments: “The IAB has consistently called for more transparency between affiliates and advertisers. iSense SiteSeeker goes a long way to providing automatic reporting of affiliate traffic details. Moreover, it is the first tool to automate the categorisation of affiliates’ sites. This helps advertisers engage with their affiliates knowledgably, and helps affiliates find the right programs for their sites. Webgains believes that this technology will radically transform our ability to quickly and accurately identify relevant affiliates for any advertiser.”

The first release of iSense SiteSeeker will take place on the Webgains platforms in the UK, the USA, Ireland and Germany. BeNeLux, Denmark, Spain and Sweden will follow shortly.

*Since 2008, iSense has won the IAB Innovation award, the E-Consultancy Innovation Award, the Festival of Media Communication Futures Award and a European Seal of E-Excellence award. iSense SiteSeeker has also just been highly commended at the A4U Awards 2009


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Published on: 3:07PM on 17th August 2009