In keeping with its mission to keep clients fully up to date with their campaign results, leading search engine marketing agency Vertical Leap has released a full version of Apollo, its unique campaign results technology, to run on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Apollo is one of the factors that sets Vertical Leap apart from everyday search engine marketing companies. Developed totally in house, it is the ultimate campaign management system delivering informed data in real time to maximise return on investment to a set of pre-arranged Key Position Indicators. It is part of an overall service that is summed up by the term “TotalPropulsion,” a unique approach and relentless methodology that achieves results and guarantees high service.

The new Apollo version makes the most of the features that have made the iPhone a global phenomenon, such as touch screen technology including those finger swipes to scroll through easy to read tables and charts in landscape and portrait versions.

There is an online demo on the Vertical Leap website:

This additional channel complements the regular updates and recommendations provided to all Vertical Leap clients from their Campaign Delivery Managers and of course their own access to Apollo from a pc.

“The iPhone is revolutionising the way people are are accessing the web remotely and we see it as an exciting way to keep our customers informed and to present the opportunity for them to do this when it suits, no matter where they are,” comments Matt Hopkins, Vertical Leap’s Managing Director. “TotalPropulsion is all about proactivity and so if our clients are accessing Apollo via their iPhones it’s a great opportunity for our Campaign Delivery Managers to catch up with them as well.”


Notes: Vertical Leap is a leading search engine marketing company, providing its clients with a fully managed and comprehensive campaign to improve ranking results and website performance. At the heart of Vertical Leap is TotalPropulsion, a unique concept and relentless methodology that gets results and guarantees high service. Vertical Leap is committed to providing unrivalled search intelligence to enhance that service with its own proprietary technology, Apollo, the ultimate campaign management system, delivering informed data in real time to maximise return on investment. Vertical Leap is an Adwords Qualified Company. 
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Published on: 8:25PM on 19th August 2009