Search Engine Marketing
October 21st – Cambridge Professional Academy, Whitfield Street, London (Just £99 for a half day including lunch)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (e-connections) are rerunning their successful seminar on Search Engine Marketing following its success in June. Leading search marketing firms Overture and Spannerworks will be offering practical advice on how to maximise the opportunities offered by search and how to avoid the common pitfalls suffered by others.



Search marketing is fast gaining recognition as an essential element of the online marketing mix. This seminar will look at the various options available to you and how you can use them to devise the most suitable approach for your brand. Additionally, it will help you attain a clear understanding of the significance of this new and exciting marketing channel and how it can impact on the success of your online marketing objectives.
This 1/2 day program offers great value with three speakers all adding their insight into what is one of the key marketing channels for forward thinking companies.

• Session 1 will look at organic search listings and how to get listed
• Session 2 will look at the emergence of paid for results as a marketing tool
• Session 3 will look how search should be integrated into the marketing mix if it is to be most effective

The session will end with a question and answer session where questions from the floor will be answered by the panel. Finally there will be a buffet lunch served where you will have the opportunity to network with other delegates and swap experiences and insight.

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Notes to Editors


These half-day workshops are highly participative giving you the chance to test what you learn against your own experience. There is the added bonus of working with like minded individuals who act as a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off. E-Connections is, in fact, about as close to consultancy as you can get without hiring a consultant.


1.Learn enough about the technology to know what it can do.
2. Look at what it can do for marketing activities in your business sector
3.Look at what changes your organisation might be necessary to enable your people to embrace opportunity.

e-Connections is an outreach programme of CIM in the South East to demonstrate the effective use of information and communications technology in (proactive) marketing practice.

Other up coming events include Legal issues for digital marketers. See for more details.

Contact details

E-connections organiser
Craig Hanna
07714 688973

Published on: 12:00AM on 13th October 2004