Confidence within many companies is low at the moment and it may seem the obvious choice to simply batten down the hatches and try to ride out the storm of recession. But wise companies make an effort and invest in their new-business drive at all times, keeping their foot on the proverbial gas pedal.

It's easy to put the future of your company on hold when the phone is ringing and every person in the company is rushed off their feet handling projects, pitches and new business enquiries.

Now, as business begins to slow, it is imperative to double your efforts and make sure that you are speaking to as many prospects as possible. It has to be seen as an investment; whether you appoint an in-house new business team, hire a freelance consultant or bring in an outside agency to help you.

Here are Glow NB’s top 10 tips to get the new business show on the road:-

1. Don’t view this as an exercise in playing the numbers game, ensure you have something relevant and interesting to say… after all there is little point in meeting a prospective client simply for the sake of it!

2. Ensure you are targeting the ‘right’ prospects, do your homework - it is about having something salient to offer.

3. Pool your resources; don’t just rely on one person with little or no support.

4. Don't be mean; you are investing in the future of your company. Make sure that you budget for new business properly.

5. Empower your new business director. He or she should be a board member with real responsibility for the growth of the company not just a fat pay packet waiting in a smart restaurant to be head hunted into the next job.

6. Use the best talent available for your new-business team, and make sure they understand your business and are well briefed.

7. Don't expect immediate success… it can take time to build a rapport from cold and even when you have met a prospect don't assume it will lead to an immediate brief. Be patient and accept that people want to get to know you, it is after all a courtship and rarely happens overnight. Take your time and you will have a relationship that lasts.

8. Develop a multi-channel approach covering all the potential lines of communication from referrals to trade shows, cold-calling to mailing. Many companies simply adopt a mass telemarketing campaign - this approach rarely ever works and at best generates meetings with time-wasters or prospects that feel they have been bullied into a meeting.

9. Make sure your marketing collateral is relevant, up to date and above all, is true to your company. Not full of the usual agency flannel - clients really can see through this!

10. Make certain your new business team are given the right tools such as ‘LeadAlert’ to keep them ahead of the game.

Don’t give up!! Success is borne out of professionalism, perseverance and patience, not bully boy tactics!

Best of luck…

John Pummell
Founder of Glow New Business

Tel: 0845 225 5561

Published on: 1:50PM on 21st August 2009