Workers greeted by a deluge of unwanted email as summer holiday season comes to an end.

The majority of Brits heading back to work after a summer break in the sun are returning to an inbox invaded with irrelevant emails, according to Emailvision.

Research by Europe’s largest on-demand email marketing software provider reveals that almost 50 per cent of workers regard over half of their holiday emails as irrelevant.*

With the average employee returning to at least 250 emails after a week off, companies are losing valuable resources with two-thirds of workers spending at least two hours going through their inbox upon their return. In an attempt to speed up the process, over four-fifths of respondents (82%) indicated that they are more likely to delete non-work related emails on their first day back.

As marketers come under increasing pressure to get their emails read during the summer months, research also revealed that many are failing to take a targeted approach. 93% of respondents said that some or all of the email newsletters they had signed up to were often irrelevant.

“It’s understandable the tolerance for irrelevant email is low in a climate where worker productivity is key,” said Nick Gold UK managing director at Emailvision.

“Marketers need to get the basics right to make the most of both theirs and their recipients resources with only the most relevant email,” he added. “Continually updating their database with only the most recent information will allow technology to do the rest, creating targeted messages that stand out against the crowd.”

*According to a survey of 408 consumers conducted by Emailvision in August, 2009

Published on: 4:06PM on 8th September 2009