Leading ISP BE Broadband is improving customer service with a new web self-service solution, powered by Transversal (www.transversal.com). By using Transversal’s Metafaq solution, customers receive fast, accurate answers to their questions while on the BE website (www.bethere.co.uk). Over 21,400 people have accessed the system in the first four weeks, viewing 58,585 questions.

Transversal is fully integrated into BE’s customer service strategy. Through links to BE’s online chat support questions asked can be analysed and consequently escalated, if necessary, to the human representative with the best knowledge to provide answers via the live chat function. Delivering this customer-led online support enables BE’s contact centre to focus on answering more complex telephone queries.

Introduced in July as part of a major rebrand of the BE website and replacing a static FAQ system, BE has already seen immediate benefits from using Transversal. BE chose Transversal after extensive market research due to its flexible, market leading technology and blue chip customer base.

The solution is a key part of BE’s strategy to differentiate itself by delivering excellent customer service. The company prides itself on its proactive approach to customer service, carrying out weekly customer audits and continually developing services to meet customer needs. This is reflected in continuously high scores in regular independent audits.

“Proactive customer service is central to BE’s success,” said Louise Kirlew, Head of Member Services, BE Broadband. “Implementing web self-service provides another channel for customer communication that is immediate, accurate and designed to meet our customer’s needs. In less than a month the combination of Transversal’s ease of use and close integration with other channels such as chat has already delivered major benefits and positive feedback from our customers.”

BE’s customer service knowledgebase currently contains responses to over 200 questions, and is growing rapidly. By analysing customer questions BE is able to receive unparalleled insight into what customers are looking for and can therefore tailor web content and design to better meet changing customer needs.

"In a competitive market such as broadband telecoms providing comprehensive customer service is a key differentiator," said Davin Yap, CEO, Transversal. "The success of BE’s web self-service implementation demonstrates the importance of allowing customers on the web to ask questions through the online channel, rather than having to pick up the phone."

Published on: 10:15AM on 9th September 2009