Since recession bit into the backside of marketing agencies big time most have been relying on the well trodden route of networking and referrals as their source of new business.

It’s a cheaper and for some it can be quite successful, but usually the ones that succeed through these channels have been around for quite some time and/or have been “ putting themselves about” through PR and networking at conferences, schmoozing with mates and attending the occasional marketing speed dating events etc.

For the rest of the agency fraternity i.e. those less well known, it’s a lot tougher and having the right collateral is absolutely vital!

Here are 4 key tips

1- Your website-always treat it as work in progress ; never let it go stale and if you have a news page on there keep it up to date-there is nothing worse than reading news that is 2 years old. Also keep the website simple-let the reader quickly find out who you are, what you do, why you are different and what company you keep.

2- Invest in developing new contacts-ensure that you have a pipeline of interesting [and salient] teasers that keep you on your prospects radar-cold-calling on its own rarely works.

3- Don’t expect to “score” at the first attempt. We have found that many agencies just give up with a prospect if they don’t get a brief the first time around-ensure you have a robust and interesting pipeline of news to keep them interested in your business.

This need not cost a fortune to put together and if it’s interesting it will not become tedious or put prospects off-quite the reverse. News could be new work from your stable or opinion pieces or even relevant articles in their sector

4- Finally, presentation-when a prospect asks to meet you or asks to see your credentials-DON’T bore the pants off them or send them the 70MB PowerPoint presentation-it wont get read and probably will not get through their firewall anyway

Keep it trim but interesting - a 2/3 page on your company with some relevant work will speak volumes and capture their interest. If you are presenting face to face just chat, DON’T present-they will be relieved.

John Pummell
Founder of Glow New Business

Tel: 0845 225 5561

Published on: 12:19PM on 9th September 2009