Tests on Single Web Page of Leading Business News Website Lead To 50% Increase in Conversion Rates

Cambridge, UK and SAN FRANCISCO - September 30, 2009 - Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that The Financial Times, one of the world's leading business news organizations, recognized internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy, has selected Autonomy Optimost to increase subscription rates on its website, FT.com, which boasts up to 10 million unique users and 50 million page views per month.

Due to the recent economic downturn and its impact on the publishing industry and in particular the advertising market, FT.com recognised the need to shift its focus from cyclical ad revenues to stable content with an increased focus on subscription revenues. FT.com employs a three-level approach to increase traffic and subscriptions. Visitors are granted access to up to two articles per month anonymously, up to ten pieces of content in exchange for providing some details, and unlimited access to all content upon paid subscription. FT.com identified that in order to increase the paid subscriptions, they needed to optimise their subscription barrier page.

Through Autonomy Optimost's unique multivariable testing, carried out solely on one web page, FT.com has seen an increase in CTR of over 350%, combined with a 50% increase in conversion rates, delivering an immediate increase to revenue. This has been the result of subtle changes to the page layout, wording and presentation identified through a series of concurrent tests with results based on actual user habits and reactions.

"In just a few months having Autonomy Optimost functionality on our site has revolutionized marketing decision-making by introducing certainty to our assumptions," commented Sandra White, Marketing Manager for FT.com. "Where we previously had to fit marketing enhancements into the queue with other site developments, Autonomy Optimost has given us the capacity to make changes and deliver improvements in a shorter time-frame."

Autonomy Optimost allows the marketing team at FT.com to base their decisions on solid figures, rather than subjective opinions whilst reducing the need for long IT processes. FT.com previously invested heavily in driving SEO, PPC and partnerships but owing to the lack of a vigorous multivariable testing mechanism decisions had been primarily based on guesswork.

"Autonomy Optimost has delivered excellent tracking, a fantastic reporting console where everything is calculated according to statistical significance," continued Sandra White. "Having concrete figures means the difference between running with creative and offers based on subjective views and what actually works."

Due to the staggering results, FT.com plans to carry out further tests on additional pages in order to optimise every step of the sign up process, even looking to incorporate innovative segmentation and persona targeting by type of visitor. In addition, plans are also underway to look at expanding the use of Autonomy Optimost's technology into other areas of FT.com, outside of the subscriptions team.

"Autonomy Optimost's unique approach to multivariable testing supplements quantitative data with conceptual, meaning-based information, enabling targeting and optimization at the individual level," said Greg Kelton, Autonomy Optimost VP EMEA. "We are delighted that The Financial Times has selected Autonomy Optimost to drive up conversion rates on FT.com and is already seeing significant results."

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About Autonomy Interwoven
Autonomy Interwoven, the leader in web content management, leverages its unique meaning-based technology to deliver the most comprehensive suite of marketing optimization and customer interaction solutions. Our flagship products, TeamSite and Optimost, enable marketers to increase results by automatically delivering the right combination of content and offers by understanding the intentions and profile of each customer. This Meaning Based Marketing approach produces the most engaging, timely and profitable customer experiences regardless of whether people interact with your organization by phone, Web, email, chat, or social networks. Unlike legacy approaches that analyze historical trends, Autonomy Interwoven does not require tagging, enabling marketing and IT professionals to work on higher value activities. Automated capabilities such as multivariable testing (MVT), segment discovery, Adaptive Targeting, product recommendations, and advanced analytics provide advanced functions that increase conversion rates, sales, customer engagement and lifetime value while automating processes to lower costs and increase marketing agility.

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Published on: 2:00PM on 6th October 2009