Leading, independent mobile retailer Phones 4U has chosen Communicator Corp (www.communicatorcorp.com) to manage its customer email-marketing communication and to develop segmented, sales-driven, online campaigns that drive traffic to its website (www.phones4u.co.uk). In addition, by integrating its acclaimed Communicator® platform with Phones 4u’s existing CRM system, Communicator Corp will manage the collection and updating of online customer data.

The combined systems will deliver a complete, communication system; based around contract terms and phone models throughout the customer lifecycle. This will integrate online communication and therein maximise customer loyalty. Phones 4u will use the data gathered to build a comprehensive picture of customer behaviour and interaction.

With over 450 stores and over 6000 employees Phones 4u offers all networks and handset manufacturers’ products. The retail brand is also an online success story and was awarded Best Online Retailer of the year 2009; at the Mobile News Awards.

In addition, the recent £2.5m “Great deals for Popular People” campaign supported by microsite “www.areyoupopular.co.uk”, a bespoke Facebook application download and viral content, has further confirmed Phones 4u’s position as the leading brand in the youth mobile sector.

With email marketing and e-commerce campaigns now so central to the brand’s integrated marketing strategy, Phones4u needed to upgrade the technology supplier behind the campaigns rapidly; to make sure they kept pace with the unprecedented growth in online trade. Communicator Corp was chosen because of their strategic insight and support, together with the Communicator® platform’s ability to adjust to the evolving needs of campaigns. They were also selected because of their market-wide, track record of first-rate customer service in delivering enterprise-wide solutions.

Commenting upon the news, Marcus Ferguson-Jones Director of e-commerce at Phones 4u said,
“Phones 4u’s e-commerce strategy has proved a huge success and in great part this is because we hold the same values as our retail operation. We aim to lead the way in the mobile industry through our excellent customer service, award winning marketing and differentiated customer experience. However, in this fast paced channel we need to base our campaigns upon a market proven solution that delivers the most up-to-date technology.

“Communicator Corp understands our business needs and will help us maximise our online relationship with customers. We look forward to working closely with them on developing current and future strategies; that reinforce our position as Best Online Retailer of the year in the mobile sector.”

For his part, Communicator Corp’s Managing Director, Chris Wilds echoed Ferguson-Jones’ comments adding, “Online retail in the mobile arena is intensely competitive. One only maintains a leadership position in this sector by delivering the best customer support and customer contact strategies. Phones 4u proves that by investing in their online customer relationships, they reap considerable rewards.

“Similarly, Communicator Corp continuously invests in the ability of our Communicator® platform to deliver maximum results for our clients. We are delighted Phones 4u has chosen us to manage their email marketing communication and we look forward to strengthening their customer relationships even further.”


About Phones 4u:
Phones 4u is an independent mobile retailer, offering all networks and handset manufacturers' products. It is part of the Staffordshire-based 4u Group, and the Group CEO is Tim Whiting. Leading the way in the mobile industry through its excellent customer service, award-winning advertising and differentiated in-store experience, Phones 4u has over 450 stores and is still growing. Phones 4u employs circa 6,000 people.

In 2008, Phones 4u won the Mobile industry award for Best Retailer in the UK and came top in Harding and Yorke’s 2008 ERIC Customer Empathy Rating Index after it was recognised among the mobile industry players as demonstrating the most empathy and understanding towards its customers. It also ranked highly in the Harding and Yorke CXI League (Customer Experience Index) in December, which ranked in order the top 10 customer experiences across all industries of 2008. Phones 4u came in at 8th position and was the only mobile retailer to make it into the top 10.

Phones 4u recognises that buying a new phone can be a complex and confusing affair. Phones 4u cuts through this confusion with its unique consumer consultation process, resulting in accurate, impartial advice and a package that is right for each customer. As a result it sells more new contracts than anyone else on the High Street. http://www.phones4u.co.uk/

About Communicator Corp (www.communicatorcorp.com)
Communicator Corp is a leading global enterprise email management company, providing technology based solutions, strategy and expertise for email communications. The company was founded in 1999. Since inception the business and consultancy have consistently evolved, creating and maintaining Communicator Corp's position as an industry leader.

Communicator® is an enterprise email management platform for all one to one and one to many messaging.
Delivering proven cost savings and increased revenues from email marketing to transactional and service messaging.

The company has also developed a flexible range of associated services to meet the needs of any organisation. These include data services, managed, collaborative and self-service options.

Clients include: Adidas, Thomson Reuters, Toshiba, Best Western, River Island, Transport for London and ITV.

For further information, please contact:
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Published on: 2:45PM on 7th October 2009