Oxfam GB is launching an online advertising drive as part of an integrated campaign, ‘Here and Now’ aimed at driving awareness of the human impact of climate change.

The Here and Now campaign is part of Oxfam’s focus on the impact of climate change on the world’s poorest people. The push aims to drive understanding of its work on climate change with ‘world aware’ charity givers, and also those who are not yet supporting the charity’s work in the field.

The ad campaign, created by the charity’s digital agency CheezeDMG, leverages the creative idea and content from Rainey Kelly’s TV execution ‘Sufia’s Story’, also airing at the same time.

CheezeDMG’s campaign uses rich media video content from the DRTV ad in pre-rolls on MSN and Telegraph TV, Facebook video and engagement polls - asking people for their opinion on the human impact of climate change, sponsorship of the Guardian’s environment channel and behaviourally targeted ads aimed at environment and charity givers on Yahoo and Specfic Media. The same content is used in a homepage takeover on Orange and bellybands on the Metro and the Evening Standard.

In the first phase of the campaign, which kicked off in April, the objective was to raise awareness of the issue, asking its audiences to donate money to help poor people adapt to the impact of climate change on their lives and take campaigning actions to put pressure on the UK government to get a fair and safe deal at the Copenhagen summit in December 2009.

CheezeDMG supported the first phase of the campaign with an online advertising campaign using portals, networks, social media and site-specific buys to drive immediate campaigning direct response and awareness of the human impact of climate change and Oxfam's work with distinct segments of hard to reach, highly engaged, audiences of new, motivated climate change supporters.

With this second push CheezeDMG’s brief was to continue raising awareness of the human impact of climate change amongst Oxfam’s key audiences, delivering both high reach and frequency of relevant audiences and interaction rates with the display creative; as well as driving online donations and campaigning actions.

Nick Futcher, brand manager, Oxfam comments,, “In phase one of CheezeDMG’s digital campaign we discovered that video content showing the impact of climate change creates a real emotional connection that drives a higher level of interaction within the target audience. This second phase of the campaign takes things forward by using the medium to provoke people’s natural association of climate change with the environment and science by delivering the real-life story of Sufia to bring the human impact issue to life.”

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Published on: 1:30PM on 8th October 2009