Blogging can be an enormously successful part of your business’s marketing plan. According to a recent survey by HubSpot, businesses that blog gain on average 55% more visitors, 97% more links, and are indexed by search engines 434% more than their non-blog counterparts.

But launch too soon, with too little preparation, and not only might hours of good work and effort be wasted, but a business could also damage its reputation.

“You must balance caution with action. Do not fall into the trap of “analysis paralysis” says professional blogger and online marketing consultant Chris Garrett.

Garrett is sharing his expert knowledge in the new Wordtracker book ‘Blogging For Business’, a 50-step guide. A decisive action plan after each chapter will help you get your company’s business blog on track -

‘Blogging For Business’ is aimed at small business owners or managers, and for people in larger corporations who need to get to grips with blogging. The book covers how to set up and run a successful business blog by planning, preparing, building visibility, awareness and traffic, retaining visitors and then converting those visitors into customers.

“Most business people now realize that if they are not visible on the World Wide Web, then in the eyes of their customers, they don’t exist. Content attracts prospects, holds their attention, engages them in conversation, and converts them into customers by building their trust in your ability to deliver. The easiest and most direct way to accomplish this is through blogging,” said Garrett.

This new Wordtracker book looks at the concepts, ideas and theory for developing a successful business blog, and then follows up with actions and exercises that businesses can apply.

“Following Chris’s step-by-step advice will help any business create a successful blog that brings in business. The book was specially written to complement the keyword research done with Wordtracker’s Keywords tool. Combine his practical guidance and expertise with your best keywords to create a business blog that increases your brand value, draws loads of qualified traffic and converts it into paying customers,” said Ken McGaffin, CMO Wordtracker.

Blogging is over 10 years old. It is not going away. Even with microblogging platforms such as Twitter and FriendFeed, blogging will still be at the core. Business Week calls blogging “simply the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the Internet itself” and according to an eMarketer report, although bloggers are only influential 12% of the time, 60% of shoppers are influenced by their peers. A business can increase trust and belief in a product by being social, interactive and engaging with its audience and a blog is the perfect channel to achieve this.

“The web is now part of customers’ lives. With avid keyword content, quality links together with empathy and engagement with your audience - you will build a profitable, solid reputation online. We know the ‘what’, Chris Garrett supplies the ‘how’” added McGaffin.

‘Blogging For Business’ costs $39. If bought before October 20th 2009, readers can save over 25% and buy it for $29 -


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Published on: 9:30AM on 9th October 2009