- UK’s first healthcare and pharmaceutical social media training workshop from the leading digital marketing training provider
- Training course reflects the sector specific regulatory environment for healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations and brands

London 13th October 2009

Econsultancy, the leading provider of training in online marketing and e-commerce, has launched a new one day training workshop called Online PR and Social Media for Healthcare Professionals http://econsultancy.com/training/courses/online-pr-healthcare.

The workshop has been developed specifically, for businesses within the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals organisations and brands sector developing their social media and online PR strategies and practice.

Both Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries have specific regulations governing marketing and Public Relations. This provides restrictions for marketing and communications professionals wishing to listen and engage through social media, so the workshop has been developed to offer professional guidance and practical, industry relevant advice for marketers and communications professionals in this sector.
The course is designed for marketers, PR and digital and e-marketing professionals working for healthcare organisations and brands.

Delegates will consider how the internet, especially social media and User Generated Content (UGC) is affecting how healthcare businesses get their messages across, and how to manage their reputations whilst staying within the bounds of sector-specific restrictions.

The hands-on workshop will be run by Ged Carroll, director of digital strategies at Ruder Finn, an agency which specialises in the technology, pharmaceutical, regulatory and consumer sectors. Ged is an experienced trainer and consultant with over 14 years consumer, media and technology marketing communications experience. He has advised and developed successful brand marketing campaigns across Europe, East Asia and North America.

Econsultancy’s Training Director, Craig Hanna explains Econsultancy’s decision to develop the Online PR for Healthcare Professionals workshop:

"Social media has evolved massively over the past 12 months and is now an important part of most organisational and brand planning, but certain sectors have been slower to develop their strategies doe to specific regulatory environment restrictions. Econsultancy believes there’s a clear need for training which recognises the individual regulatory contexts in which brands and businesses in particular verticals operate. With this course, we’re further consolidating our provision of learning and development courses, research and content fulfilling those requirements”.

The first Online PR and Social Media for Healthcare Professionals training course will be held in London on 24 November 2009. A course outline and further details can be found on Econsultancy.com (http://econsultancy.com/training/courses/online-pr-healthcare)


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Published on: 3:00PM on 13th October 2009