ETL for the Web specifically designed by Speed-Trap to feed data from the online channel directly, in near-real-time, into Teradata’s Integrated Web Intelligence solution, providing rapid and simple deployment for any online enterprise.

2009 Teradata PARTNERS User Group Conference & Expo, Gaylord Conference Centre, Washington. DC, DATE: 18th October 2009 Speed-Trap, the online customer insight provider, today launches its ETL for the Web software product – a complete, ready-to-run application that captures, transforms and loads detailed online customer and behavioural data, from web sites and rich media applications, into Teradata data warehouses, using Teradata’s Integrated Web Intelligence (IWI) solution.

Rapidly deployed cross channel solutions
Through ETL for the Web, Speed-Trap can provide Teradata customers with accurate and detailed data on individual online web visitors, and feed this information immediately into IWI data models in their Teradata warehouse. This provides customers the ability to compile integrated, cross-channel view of their visitors and customers by integrating the data from online and offline channels.

As Rob Tuttle, Teradata’s director of solutions marketing says, “Our approach in Integrated Web Intelligence is to integrate detailed web behaviour data with other online data such as display, search, e-mail, blogs, as well as offline data from call centres, billing, retail store fronts, and more. Then, by exposing this data through advanced analytical solutions and leading BI tools, we open new doors for the online channel as well as the rest of the business.”

Malcolm Duckett, VP Operations at Speed-Trap, comments, “ETL for the Web has multiple advantages for the Teradata customer, not least of which is the level of detail it provides in the customer records, and the rapid deployment that our Tag-Free™ technology provides. Individual visitors are recorded as exactly that – individuals – instead of summarized demographics and groups, and full historical information is provided so that marketing decisions made based upon the data are not short-sighted and will not run the risk of irrelevance.”

Duckett continues, “ETL for the Web’s greatest advantage however comes in its deployment. Speed-Trap’s solution comes with integrated ETL to feed the pre-built IWI physical data models. This one difference alone can remove up to six months of implementation time, as ETL for the Web can be up and running within days of purchase, and most deployments are complete within two to three weeks, allowing correct and profitable marketing decisions to be made almost immediately. On top of this, Speed-Trap products do not rely upon the deployment of tags that gather only selected aspects of the visitor’s interaction with the site and need to embody the “business logic” of the page, but instead use a static insert that records the user’s interaction and experience of any instrumented web site or rich media application. Our recently-added ability to provide all the same functionality for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR applications means that ETL for the Web can also integrate the latest generation of rich-media and desktop applications into an enterprise’s Information Architecture.”

Speed-Trap’s Dynamic Collection™ technology can be deployed with almost any browser-based application; this opens the door to instrument applications such as call-centre or desktop customer-support applications, further advancing the process of providing a single, integrated view of an enterprise’s interactions with its customer base.

Tuttle concludes, “Speed-Trap’s routing of web data into the Teradata warehouse for integration with other customer information, including offline, will result in a significant marketing advantage for companies competing amid intense economic pressures. The specifically-designed integration with our Integrated Web Intelligence shortens the implementation cycle dramatically. Our clients can deploy a full Integrated Web Intelligence solution very quickly and use the near-real-time feeds into the data warehouse to drive more accurate and effective targeted campaigns.”


About Speed-Trap

Speed-Trap is a provider of software that uses Web 2.0 technology to capture and analyze interaction at the user interface – whatever the device e.g. mobile, iPhone, PDA, gaming console, or technology deployed e.g. webpage, Adobe AIR, Silverlight, Flash, Flex, AJAX etc. – to deliver complete real-time data on every visitor and user of all your online applications – complete online customer insight.

Speed-Trap’s systems have come to define a new approach to the integration of online applications into an enterprise’s Information Architecture. The system’s User Interface Capture functionality provides a definitive, flexible and reusable source of customer, behavioral, process and performance data from any internet, intranet or extranet application.

Speed-Trap’s customers use their patented and tag-free Dynamic Collection™ solutions to drive applications as diverse as Fraud Detection, Marketing Automation, Campaign Measurement, Usability & Design, CRM systems and Web Analytics.

With options to directly populate Enterprise Data warehouses via its partnership with Teradata, it represents the leading edge of advanced online channel data capture, analysis and delivery systems. Companies like The SAS Institute utilize Speed-Trap’s technology in their SAS for Customer Experience Analytics product that couples their world-class analytics, marketing tools with Speed-Trap technology to provide integrated cross-channel marketing and customer insight.

Based in the UK, Speed-Trap delivers its solutions directly and via a range of OEM, reseller and system integration partners around the world. Direct customers include Alliance & Leicester, AXA, directgov, Betfair, P&O Ferries,PC World Business, ghd and WH Smith. Speed-Trap’s partners include the SAS Institute, Teradata Corporation, Arcade e-Business, BIMA Consulting.

For further information, please contact:

Malcolm Duckett
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Will Gardiner
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Published on: 11:42AM on 19th October 2009