Lemon Studios, one of the most innovative and in-demand places to work in London, is looking to fill its last remaining desks. Unveiled in August to a select new media audience, the first spaces disappeared almost instantly while the last are to be allocated to a carefully handpicked set of residents.

Why the fuss? You ask. Well, rather than the usual screen, mouse pad and faceless environment, this particular office space is offering a defined and complementary collection of professionals the chance to work closely together to their collective benefit. Web producers and creatives, illustrators and animators, PR consultants and advertisers, thinkers and do-ers. Lemon Studios (www.lemonstudioslondon.com) is the first digital ecosystem.

In essence, this means that when you move in to Lemon Studios you become part of a ready-made network, a group of dynamic individuals engaged in a process of professional collaboration. It’s a great place to generate new contacts, share information and ideas and juice up your business.

Located at 85 Clerkenwell Road, Lemon Studios (www.lemonstudioslondon.com) is situated at the City's creative epicentre. Clerkenwell has long been synonymous with the hip, urban edginess of EC1 - the area is a hotbed of artists, creators, media moguls and digital whizzkids. Lemon Studios occupies 4400 square feet in a period EC1 warehouse conversion that benefits from arched floor to ceiling windows. The office is entirely open plan, to facilitate a lively and interactive atmosphere and offers a high level of service at an affordable price.

There is limited space still available for freelance professionals or businesses within certain categories. The brains behind Lemon Studios, Matthew O’Riordan said “The idea of housing a creative web community in one means that we can create some brilliant networking opportunities. We’ve been really pleased with the response so far, and look forward to putting the finishing touches to the community before we open in December.”

Lemon Studios (www.lemonstudioslondon.com) are still welcoming applications from prospective residents in the following spheres:

• Online creative & designer individuals & teams
• Online marketing teams & agencies within search, affiliate, online advertising, e-mail etc.
• Internet production technical & strategic individuals & teams
• Interactive advertising publishers, sales houses, producers
• Vendors offering online marketing products such as ad serving, e-mail marketing etc.
• Usability and Accessibility experts
• Online consultants, researchers & publishers
• Online brand & PR consultants

To find out more information visit www.lemonstudioslondon.com.

About Us

Lemon Studios (www.lemonstudioslondon.com) is the brainchild of Matthew O'Riordan, Managing Director of Lemon Foundation and co-founder of E-consultancy.

Established in January 2003, Lemon Foundation provides interactive production and design services to Media, Advertising and PR agencies and large corporates. Although Lemon Foundation employs four full time staff, the business draws on an extended network of over 30 freelancers on a per-project basis. One of its main aims is to offer clients an integrated and comprehensive service by linking digital professionals into an extended virtual network.

Lemon Foundation's business model has been highly successful. Having recognised the benefits of working in such a holistic manner, we wanted to intensify that productivity by bringing a similar network of people into one physical space - the idea for Lemon Studios evolved from there

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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th October 2004