Velocity, the B2B marketing agency specialising in technology companies, today announced the publication of a free 49-page eBook called The B2B Content Marketing Workbook.

The eBook is available to download now from the Velocity website:

“In the era of information overload, Content Marketing is probably the single most important thing a B2B marketer can do,” says Stan Woods, Velocity MD, ” You can have lousy brochures. You can be a social media luddite. But if you get content marketing right, the world will beat a path to your door — and your sales guys will throw rose petals in your path (it’s embarrassing but feels kind of nice, too.).”

The Content Marketing Workbook covers topics like these:

* What Content Marketing and Thought Leadership are
* Why you need to get good at them (and fast)
* Why you’re perfectly placed to do it really, really well
* How to pick a topic prospects care about
* How to go beyond the dry, stale white paper
* What we think ‘good’ looks like — lots of examples

It’s free, it’s fun and it’s as fresh as new-baked bread plucked from a hot oven.

“This is the single best overview I’ve yet seen on strategic B2B content marketing”, says David Fideler, B2B marketing strategist and founder of the B2B Lead Nurturing group, ” I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by the ideas and value delivered.”

Download the B2B Content Marketing Workbook here:

Published on: 11:58AM on 3rd November 2009