Bratislava, Slovakia November 13, 2009 -- Post Affiliate Pro, developed by Quality Unit, today released a new commission tracking feature to assist merchants in rewarding multiple affiliates for the sale.

The Post Affiliate Pro "Split Commission" feature expands the options to merchants who have affiliate programs, by enabling them to assign commissions beyond the traditional first-click or last-click schemes.

With increasing variety and complexity of affiliate sales, a solution that rewards the entire disparate "affiliate sales team" is required.

PAP Split Commissions makes it now possible for a merchant to easily set up a commission scheme that rewards several affiliates for being involved in the sale. See an example on the Post Affiliate Pro website.

"A blended commission scheme involving multiple affiliates beyond the first and last referrer can result in a significant change in the affiliate motivation behavior, and we have already implemented this in our own affiliate program with positive results" says Andrej Harsani, Co-Founder and CEO of Quality Unit Ltd.

With Split Commissions, affiliates can share in the commissions of a sale even if they were not the first or last referrer. As more affiliate models appear online, this can help affiliates feel comfortable and more motivated that they will be rewarded for their special role anywhere along the sales process in areas such as SEM, SEO, Social networking, and creating unique value-added bonus offers.

Split Commissions can spread the commission equally amongst the entire affiliate chain for each sale. In addition, the merchant can adjust the commissions to award a bonus percentage to the first or last referring affiliates, in order to more easily transition their compensation policy from their current model.

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Published on: 1:02PM on 13th November 2009