Berlin, 12 November 2009 – ImmobilienScout24, the leading real estate portal on the German-speaking internet, has chosen Nedstat to analyse and optimise their online offering including the mobile portals. With the deployment of the enterprise solution Sitestat, Immobilienscout24 will enhance online marketing, website usability and their offering to end customers, real estate agents and advertising partners.

ImmobilienScout24 is Germany’s largest property portal with more than 1.2 million real estate offers and over 4 million visitors per month. Potential buyers can choose from the portfolios of more than 95,000 commercial and private vendors and find their desired property in a fast and easy way. Advertising affiliates such as banks, moving companies or insurance providers can generate high-value online enquiries through targeted ad positioning.

With the help of Sitestat, ImmobilienScout24 is performing extensive traffic analysis of all target groups. The integrated LIVE SEGMENTATION function allows for zooming in on specific user groups and their behaviour in real time. Focus points will be campaign performance monitoring and usability analysis of the various website sections. Through testing and the integration with Business Intelligence systems and online marketing applications, the targeting of content and campaigns is being optimised.
“The internet is the predominant medium for real estate search. As the leading German Online market place, ImmobilienScout24 offers all users a clear added value - both for search and marketing of property. Sitestat enables us to gear our portal exactly to the preferences of our customers. We are thereby able to keep customer satisfaction on a superior level and help distributors increase their contract conclusions“, says Thomas Koschel, Director Reporting at ImmobilienScout24.
After an extensive selection process and a test phase of several months, ImmobilienScout24 decided for the enterprise solution of Nedstat. Thanks to a very close cooperation, the advanced functionality of the tool and the high flexibility during the feature development, Nedstat turned out to be the most suitable partner for ImmobilienScout24.

The recently launched Sitestat Report Builder offers more than 100 users at ImmobilienScout24 the desired flexibility for generating and customising their analysis. With the possibility to freely combine metrics and dimensions and add data from a company database, reporting can be fully tailored to their requirements and made accessible to the whole organisation. Another crucial aspect for ImmobilienScout24 was the technical performance of the Nedstat solution. Extensive load balancing tests showed that the Sitestat server architecture based on the latest cluster technology is capable of processing large amount of data at very high speed.

About ImmobilienScout24

ImmobilienScout24 is Germany’s largest real estate market. With more than 4 million unique users per month, the website is the most frequently visited real estate portal in the German speaking internet. Every month over 150 million virtual real estate visitations are done on the portal. ImmobilienScout24 offers more than 1.2 million different properties each month. The company is located in Berlin and has over 400 employees. ImmobilienScout24 is part of the Scout24 Group, whose offering is used by more than 8 million people. Besides ImmobilienScout24 the portals AutoScout24, ElectronicScout24, FinanceScout24, FriendScout24, JobScout24, TravelScout24 and belong to the Scout24 Group. Scout24 is part of the Deutsche Telekom group.

About Nedstat
Nedstat is European leader in web analytics and offers innovative solutions for online business optimisation.
The products and services provide marketers with the insight and tools they need to target their customers with compelling content or products and improve their online results.
Key accreditations by Europe’s leading independent web standards organisations such as ABC electronic, OJD, KIA and Audiweb ensure that metrics are in full compliance with leading industry standards.
Nedstat has full service offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
The customer list includes many renowned and internationally operating companies such as Electrabel, Europcar, London Stock Exchange, Panasonic, Renault, Repsol and Wolters Kluwer and many public and commercial television organisations such as Eurosport, FiveTV, France Televisions, NOS, NRK, RTL, SVT and VRT.

For more information, please contact: Nedstat Ltd., Helen Flitter, phone +44 (0)20 7841 1544, e-mail
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Published on: 3:00PM on 13th November 2009