Site Visitors Will See Customised Boston Red Sox Look on Browsers

NEW YORK (October 22, 2004) To celebrate the World Series, United Virtualities the leading innovator of creative marketing and technology solutions for the digital marketplace, announced today that the website of the Boston Herald ( will deploy its Ooqa-OoqaTM ‘Branded Browser’ to create a unique Red Sox-branded look and feel to many pages on the site including the home page and sports pages covering the series.

Starting Saturday, United Virtualities’ Ooqa-Ooqa will transform each visitor’s browser toolbar that sits atop each specially designated Web pages into a Boston Red Sox-branded browser while preserving all of the user’s normal toolbar functionality. The Boston Herald has the option to sell ad units on parts of the Ooqa-Ooqa or generating other revenue by selling sponsored links in the toolbar or sponsored functions that can be added to the Ooqa-Ooqa such as a currency converter.

“Ooqa-Ooqa creates new inventory for publishers and advertisers and brings a new dynamic to the user relationship because the user interacts with the brand both actively (via brand functionalities) and passively (via standard browser buttons),” says Mookie Tenembaum, founder of United Virtualities. “The Boston Herald program represents joint acceptance and a substantial commitment to a relatively new and unique online marketing technology. Because Ooqa-Ooqa is unique to UV, there is no direct competition giving the Herald and its online advertisers a distinct advantage in the market”. serves 14 million monthly page views to1.5 million unique visitors each month.

“Red Sox fans will surely delight in a toolbar designed just for them as they following the team’s progress through the Series“, says Dr. Tenembaum.

The Ooqa-Ooqa replaces the visitors' normal navigation browser and toolbar with a far more colorful branded browser preserving all the users' tools and adding new ones (such as Amber Alerts, currency converter, direct sponsor links, etc) that help the user and/or are related to the advertiser message. In accordance with United Virtualities' user-centric philosophy, giving them the control of their web experience, users will always have a clear option to turn off Ooqa-Ooqa and go back to their regular browsers. Ooqa-Ooqa was recently launched in the UK in a global deal with United International Pictures.

Notes to Editors:
About is part of Herald Interactive, the interactive division of Herald Media, Inc., the parent company of The Boston Herald and Community Newspaper Company.
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United Virtualities is best known as the originator of the now ubiquitous Shoshkele out-of-banner ad, one of the most successful rich-media formats in the industry. UV continues to heavily re-invest in R&D to create and rapidly deploy new online marketing solutions that anticipate and exceed clients’ requirements. The company devotes 20% of its entire workforce to Quality Assurance in the process of providing the best customer service in the online advertising industry.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th October 2004