The first application of its kind to be fully integrated within a Web & Mobile Analytics platform

Bordeaux, 25th November 2009 - AT Internet, a leading international Online Intelligence company has today announced the release of BuzzWatcher, a website monitoring service that allows customers to measure the buzz and online reputation of their products and services.

AT Internets’ buzz analysis tool can be integrated as part of a web and mobile analytics platform allowing customers to get a 360 degree view of their on-line marketing activities and the impact on their on-line reputation. This allows modern marketers the ability to make strategic marketing decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.

BuzzWatcher measures activity on social media channels (including social networks, video platforms, RSS feeds, blogs etc,) in real time. The data generated by BuzzWatcher can be filtered by keyword and/or channel, and can also be used to focus on a particular area such as the online reputation of a brand, product, competitor or a particular business sector. With this information at hand, a company’s decision-makers are quickly aware of their online reputation and are empowered to take steps to address any issues.

BuzzWatcher, a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, does not require any tagging, nor does it need to be installed: all that a customer needs to do is to state which keywords or expressions are to be monitored so that BuzzWatcher can begin monitoring.

The application has been developed to function independently, or together as part of the integrated AnalyzerNX suite, which also includes Web, Mobile and Server monitoring and analytics applications. Using the dashboard style user interface allows marketers to access all the information they need in one place, also giving them the ability to carry out a cross-channel analysis.

Integrating a buzz analysis tool into a web analytics environment is a first for the Online Intelligence market.

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Notes to editors:

‘Buzz’ is a technique that is used in the field of marketing and is used to promote an activity, a product, a service or an event. A company’s ‘Buzz’ can be published on several different channels such as RSS feeds, newsletters, forums, blogs etc. The notion of Buzz has rapidly grown since the explosion of social networks and video platforms onto the market. Companies have been very aware of the impact that the Buzz technique has had as a marketing tool, and as a result they have integrated it at the heart of their marketing operations.

About AT Internet / Company profile

AT Internet is a leading Independent web and mobile analytics solution provider, established in 1995 and with offices in 9 countries internationally. AT Internet prides itself on its customer centric approach and is able to boast 3,500 clients many of whom are widely recognised brands.
Currently measuring 350,000 websites, AT Internet has several awards and distinctions to its name including the 2009 Platinum Distinction for European Seal of E-Excellence 2009 awarded at CeBIT in Hannover, these distinctions underpin AT Internets core values of trust and integrity.
AT Internet offers a robust and reliable best of breed SaaS web and mobile analytics platform and partners with industry leaders to offer a complete solution to enhance your marketing intelligence and business effectiveness.

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Published on: 3:41PM on 26th November 2009