- However mobile phone websites not keeping up with product development

T-Mobile has come top of a survey of mobile phone websites for the second consecutive year. Independent research by customer experience benchmarking company, Global Reviews, reveals that T-Mobile remains No.1 in its ‘Comparing the Mobile Phone Websites’ league table. However the study found that website development across the industry is not keeping pace with the huge number of new product offerings available from mobile phone companies.

The Global Reviews’ benchmark objectively measured the experience of users on eight leading mobile phone websites; T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, 3, Virgin, O2, Carphone Warehouse and Tesco. The sites were assessed against more than 500 objective criteria including content and tools, customer support, prospective customer information, purchasing process and site utility.

T-Mobile came top of the benchmark with a score of 66% and O2 has rocketed into second place with a score of 61% after coming fourth last year. Vodafone remains in third place with 59%. Carphonewarehouse comes in fourth place with 58%, but Orange has dropped from second to fifth place with 54%.

The study found that T-Mobile offers the best overall customer experience, including the best information available to prospective customers (68%), best overall site utility (quality of the home page, site search, navigation etc) with 74%, and best content and tools (calculators and wizards) scoring 65%, however O2 offer the best customer support, scoring 73% and Vodafone offer the best purchasing process scoring 63%

To meet customer expectations, websites must score above 55%. To exceed their expectations, they must score about 69%. All the websites received average scores that either meet customer expectations or come very close to doing so.

The study found that there is an area where all providers can improve. The products offered by mobile phone companies have grown rapidly, including games, applications, downloads and mobile internet, however the websites have not changed at the same rate and these products are not integrated online.

Global Reviews Managing Director UK, Harvind Bhatti, said:
“Mobile phone providers are now offering an impressive array of products and services way beyond just mobiles and tariffs. However they haven’t made it easy for customers who at the moment have to do a lot of research to find out what products are available, if they can bundle them together, and how much these deals cost. Providers need to find a way to simplify the journeys their customers make online and this is a key area where websites can improve the customer experience.”

(Sept 2009)% Score
T-Mobile 66
O2 61
Vodafone 59
CarphoneWarehouse 58
Orange 54
Virgin 54
3 54
Tesco 52
Average 57


Global Reviews asked over 1,000 mobile phone buyers what they look for when buying a mobile, how much they planned to use the internet during the process, and what information they would like providers to offer online. They then looked at the leading websites across the industry to create a benchmark of best practice with over 500 different criteria against which 8 of the UK’s leading provider websites were assessed; T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, 3, Virgin, O2, CarphoneWarehouse and Tesco.

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Notes to Editors
Global Reviews measures and improves the customer experience of it clients with offices in Australia and the United Kingdom. Clients include O2, 3, Vodafone, Norwich Union, Direct Line, HSBC, Halifax, Lloyds TSB and Mercedes. The company benchmarks websites across over 40 industries and provides actionable recommendations to improve customer acquisition and boost retention. More information about Global Reviews is available at www.globalreviews.co.uk.

Published on: 2:12PM on 1st December 2009