Box UK ( is pleased to announce that we are one of only four companies shortlisted for the 2009 Econsultancy Innovation Awards in the category of Innovation in Web CMS.

The Innovation Awards happen annually and are open to any product, service or activity related innovation occurring over the last 12 months. It is an international competition, so there are no geographical barriers to entry. Econsultancy defines innovation as, “an approach, idea, practice or technology, which holds out the promise of being a smarter, better way of doing things. Not just new for the sake of being new, but a fresh take on solving a particular challenge or improving on the norm.”

Shortlisted entries will be adjudicated by an international panel of judges, including Sara Linfoot, Digital Innovation Manager at The Guardian, Steve Forde, Head of Marketing & Communications for Future Media & Techology for Channel 4, and Adrian Blair, Head of Ecommerce Partnerships for Google.

“With over 400 entries received across 22 categories, it is a pleasure to be shortlisted among other companies doing truly innovative work,” said Benno Wasserstein, Box UK’s Managing Director. “Our biggest reward is the regular feedback we receive from our clients. We are very proud of Amaxus and its solid history of providing cutting-edge solutions for organisations, from the National Gallery to Investec Asset Management.”

About Amaxus (
Amaxus was launched in 2001, as the first Web Content Management System with a desktop interface and using an early implementation of the technology that went on to become know as AJAX. Since then, Amaxus has undergone four major versions, each adopting cutting-edge technologies and practices that proved to be ahead of the CMS market.

About Box UK (
Box UK was born out of the work of leading thinkers and doers in the web and technology industry. With offices in London and Cardiff, we are obessed with the Internet and emerging technologies.

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About Econsultancy and the Innovation Awards
Econsultancy is a recognized source of independent advice and insight on digital marketing and e-commerce for a community of over 80,000 members worldwide. The Innovation Awards are a natural progression from their commitment to recognizing innovation in the industry, as demonstrated by their regularly updated Innovation Report.

Published on: 11:40AM on 3rd December 2009