Cambridge, United Kingdom , October 2004: Clickstream Technologies have announced the appointment of Brewster Barclay as their new CEO and Titus Suck as Director of Sales and Marketing to head up the company strategy to become the world’s leading supplier of digital data capture technology.

Brewster Barclay and Titus Suck between them bring more than twenty years of executive-level experience in commercial and technical development roles for leading software and hardware companies with an outstanding record of successful product launches and new market penetration projects.

Before joining Clickstream Brewster Barclay was the director of marketing at Orbotech SA. Based in Europe and operating globally he led a business strategy for the development of new lines, from conception to product launch. Titus Suck has international experience at senior management level in general management, marketing and sales, and customer operations management, with an emphasis on new products and new markets at companies including Electro Scientific Industries Inc. and Phoseon Technology Inc.

“The need for companies to make rapid and more informed decisions at all levels in an organisation has never been more important and Clickstream’s unique and patented digital data capturing technology has a critical role to play in fulfilling this need by delivering an accurate, flexible and ready to use source of digital data to any Web Analytics, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship or Predictive Analytics application.” said Brewster Barclay, the new CEO of Clickstream Technologies plc.

Titus Suck added “Clickstream addresses the key challenges in the field of digital data capture, and opens a new dimension beyond log file analysis and page tagging, and provides a privacy-friendly solution to tracking behaviour, events and transactions on the Web. Automation, data quality and breadth of data are key factors in improving the cost-effectiveness and business relevance of any IT department, and the capability to support major business functions and operations.
Clickstream is now well positioned to take advantage of a rapidly growing market. We have now introduced a major partner programme and are currently in discussions with market leaders in Web Analytics and CRM to offer a compelling best of breed solution that will rise to meet the challenges of a demanding market looking for the most effective business analysis and customer experience solutions.”

About Clickstream Technologies

Clickstream Technologies was formed in 1999 and their head office is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Clickstream has a unique and patented digital data collection technology that delivers the most accurate digital dataset available today. Clickstream gathers data in real-time to give a dynamic and comprehensive insight into user behaviour and commercial transactions on web sites and all other digital data channels. Clickstream is then able to collate, transform and transmit the information and deliver a timely, insightful and ready-to-use data source upon which critical business decisions can be made. Decisions that will improve the customer experience, optimise digital channel design and content and maximise guarantee a good ROI.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th October 2004