What different campaign channels contribute to sales NEDSTAT LAUNCHES ADVANCED CAMPAIGN ATTRIBUTION

Amsterdam, 8 December 2009 - Nedstat announces the release of its advanced Campaign Attribution feature in Sitestat. Campaign managers can more precisely than ever determine what the contribution of their different online campaign channels was to sales. The new insights provide a clear understanding of the true performance of each campaign, allowing marketers to allocate budgets more effectively and increase returns on campaign spend.

An online sale often results from various marketing touch points a consumer had with a company. He or she may have reached the company's website by clicking on a certain keyword, two days later on a link in an e-mail newsletter and one day later again through an affiliate network. When all of these activities result in a sale, the question is which campaign channel gets what part of the credit. Traditional analytics solutions typically give the credit to either the first or the last campaign channel, in many cases leading to inaccurate conclusions and possibly denying relevant credits for other channels.

The new Campaign Attribution feature in Sitestat provides campaign managers with the most comprehensive and customisable solution in the market today to solve this classic marketing challenge. They can choose from 10 attribution models such as obvious ones like first click, last click or equally shared attribution, or more advanced ones like linearly increasing or decreasing over time. Most advanced is the visitor engagement option whereby the level of interest and interaction by the visitor determines the attribution per channel.

Campaign managers can also select different attribution models and compare these side by side. This way they can get an even deeper understanding of which campaign channels are truly leading to better returns on their campaign spend.

"This new functionality makes Sitestat a frontrunner in providing insight into campaign performance", says André Scholten, Web Analytics Consultant at Traffic4U. "By only attributing to the last campaign, credits are denied for other relevant campaigns. Advanced Campaign Attribution in Sitestat makes it possible to easily compare different attribution models side by side, allowing you to quickly find the most effective allocation of your marketing budget."

"Marketing professionals must have accurate insights to justify their online campaign spend", says Ulrike Ziegler, VP Marketing at Nedstat. "In the traditional environment, there already was the classic problem which action was responsible or most responsible for a sale. In the online space, this goes even further because it directly determines which channel gets paid for the lead. So far attribution models have not been able to deliver this information in a comprehensive and reliable way. The new Sitestat feature has solved this challenge allowing campaign managers to greatly improve the effectiveness of their marketing spend."

The new Campaign Attribution feature is available as per today to all Sitestat customers at no extra cost.

Further details and screenshots can be found at www.nedstat.com/campaign-reporting. For feedback please go to blog.sitestat.com.

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Published on: 3:09PM on 8th December 2009